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Fishtech Group Launches Managed Detection and Response Solution
CYDERES Security-as-a-Service solution responds to security incidents in real-time.

Kansas City, MO (Jan. 10, 2018) — Fishtech Group today announced CYDERES (Cyber Defense & Response), a human-led, machine-driven Security-as-a-Service solution including Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Powered by the proprietary CYDERES Platform, CYDERES supplies organizations with people, process, and technology “as a Service” to manage risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real-time.

“CYDERES was built to address systemic industry challenges, including a critical lack of skilled security resources, a general shortcoming of cohesion between various point products, and the continued escalation in pace and scope of security breaches,” said Fishtech CEO and Founder Gary Fish.

The CYDERES flagship offering is a Security-as-a-Service solution for Managed Detection and Response that delivers expedited detection, investigation, remediation, and proactive threat hunting for security events. Leveraging partnerships with leading security products, CYDERES not only supports traditional “on premise” infrastructure, but thrives in hybrid environments and includes full support for “cloud-first” architectures.

The CYDERES MDR solution is technology independent – designed to leverage a company’s existing investment in security solutions and make them better. CYDERES brings disparate data together from best-of-breed security products and makes that data actionable by CYDERES analysts in one intuitive pane of glass. The proprietary Platform scales on demand, leverages sensibly-applied machine learning to improve over time, and correlates and enriches both cloud and on-premise event data with threat intelligence sources. CYDERES integrates next-generation investigation, management, and response tools along with exceptional industry experts to drive them.

Additionally, Fishtech is proud to announce that Eric Foster has joined the company in the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Serving on the Fishtech executive management team, Foster is responsible for CYDERES division as well as Fishtech’s security, governance, and compliance initiatives. Foster is an experienced leader in information security who has won national recognition for security, customer success, and business innovation. A longtime Certified Information Systems Security Provider (CISSP), Foster recently became a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), one of only about 1,400 in the U.S.

Foster comes to Fishtech most recently from Netsmart, where he served as CISO for the nation’s largest provider of innovative healthcare technology for the behavioral health, social services and post-acute communities. Previously, Foster ran post-sales operations for RiskIQ, the leader in digital threat management. There, he built from scratch and led RiskIQ’s world-class Customer Success team.

“Through CYDERES, we are enabling security teams to focus on delivering value to the business instead of chasing events,” said Foster. “We’ve assembled a world-class team of InfoSec experts, SOC operators, security researchers, and customer success leaders. We’ve teamed up with experts in automation, DevOps, machine learning and data science. And we’re incubated under the leadership of Gary Fish, one of the most successful cyber security entrepreneurs of all time.

“Together we are all driven toward a single goal: to deliver the “next generation” Security as a Service solution I’ve needed throughout my CISO career, but could never find in the market. We’ve built a service that meets our own exceedingly high standards – the kind of service we are proud to deliver and to recommend to our trusted friends and colleagues in the industry.”

CYDERES completes this launch with four offerings:

CYDERES Incident Response Retainer: Breach response and digital forensics experts on standby to help organizations navigate every aspect of a security event. Beyond technical expertise, CYDERES offers guidance to executive management, steering public relations, and when appropriate, engaging law enforcement.
CYDERES Cloud SOC: Who is watching your cloud? Designed for organizations that feel they have a handle on their own network, but are expanding into the cloud and need help with visibility, detection and response outside their perimeter.
CYDERES SOND (Security Operations iN Depth): Brings the classic security principle of “Defense In Depth” to security operations. The CYDERES team complements an organization’s existing SOC or MSSP (as a SOC double-check or as much-needed backup to the existing overworked analyst team).
CYDERES EMDR (Enterprise Managed Detection & Response): The full power of the CYDERES platform. This comprehensive MDR Security-as-a-Service offering is a human-led, machine-driven security operations automation solution that expedites threat detection, investigation, and remediation.

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Gary Fish is a seasoned entrepreneur whose ventures include FishNet, Firemon, and Fishtech. With evidenced insight in the information security space, he has led Fishtech to invest in early stage information security startups that redefine, disrupt, or create large new markets.