A CISO’s All Too Common Tale

“As a four-time CISO, I witnessed firsthand the swelling crest of several negative forces in the Information Security industry …” – Eric Foster, Chief Operating Officer, CYDERES


Human-led, Machine-driven MDR

CYDERES is the human-led, machine-driven Security-as-a-Service division of Fishtech Group. We supply the people, process, and technology to help organizations manage cybersecurity risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real time.

  • Born in the cloud
    We meet you where you are and excel in any environment. Leveraging our partnerships with leading cloud security solutions and certified providers, we thrive in hybrid environments and even have solutions targeted to cloud-only architectures. Of course, we also support traditional “on premise” architectures.
  • Technology Independent
    We enhance your existing security solutions. Of course, we can recommend (and deliver) the best security products. We believe you shouldn’t have to adopt a specific SIEM or endpoint product to get the managed detection and response your organization needs. We built our platform to enable you to leverage our expert services using the security products you’ve selected for your requirements.
  • Proprietary Platform
    Just like connective tissue, our proprietary platform brings disparate data together and makes that data actionable through one intuitive pane of glass. It scales as needed and learns over time by leveraging machine learning. It correlates and enriches both cloud and on-prem event data with threat intelligence sources. Lastly, it integrates next-gen investigation, management, and response tools with industry experts.

“CYDERES was built to address systemic industry challenges, including a critical lack of skilled security resources, a general shortcoming of cohesion between various point products, and the continued escalation in pace and scope of security breaches.”

Fishtech CEO and Founder Gary Fish

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Manage risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real time.

Enterprise Managed Detection & Response
Fast, positive, consistent, and highly automated outcomes
Our comprehensive EMDR Security-as-a-Service offering is a human-led, machine-driven security operations automation solution. We expedite threat detection by investigating, remediating, and hunting proactively for security events across cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise environments.
Cloud Governance as a Service
Visibility, Protection, Detection & Response for your cloud
As organizations move business to the cloud, they all too often have little to no visibility or control. Our Cloud Governance service enables you to proactively manage cloud security risk, minimize attack surface, and improve overall security posture. It lets you know and control what’s going on in your cloud environments, as well as automate and enforce your security controls in the cloud.
Security Incident Response Team
Expertise on standby to respond to every aspect of a security event
Regulated industries are required to have clear incident response plans and capabilities. But virtually every company benefits from an Incident Response retainer. Keep your team focused and know who to call in your hour of need. If you escape the year without an event, use your retainer dollars toward other Fishtech consulting services.
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What Makes CYDERES Different

  • Cloud security experts including Certified Cloud Security Providers
  • Experienced partners offering the best cloud security products available
  • Expertise in both cloud security and DevOps in cloud environments
  • Unique insight into how to secure your cloud without disrupting the DevOps principles that led you there
  • Driving decision making, not just routing of alerts.
  • CYDERES programmatically respond to events faster than your old SOC, enabling real-time interdiction of threats.
  • We balance our cloud security expertise with extensive experience in DevOps in the same cloud environments.
  • Secure your cloud without disrupting the principles that led you there.

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