Plan before you leap to securely gain cloud efficiencies and elasticity.

What Makes Fishtech Different

Fishtech delivers operational efficiencies and improved security postures. Using our six-step approach, we identify gaps in your security profile that may be mitigated with next-generation solutions.

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Delivering the Right Solution, the First Time
Industry Leading Consulting
A Listen First Approach
Let us review your current architecture and provide a roadmap to maturity.
Technology Neutral
True Value Added Service
We will thoroughly review your requirements and provide the right solution that fits your needs.
Expert Assessments
Transformational Cloud Workshops.
The cloud should enable your business, not hinder it. Fishtech optimizes your platform for success.

Are you charged with finding operational efficiencies, rapid elasticity, and on-demand resourcing, all while remaining secure and compliant?

Cloud offers new and dynamic operating modes as well as the agility to address and solve the changing and evolving needs of the business. Organizations need to keep pace with faster go to market times, deliver better service, and improve scalability while remaining secure and compliant. Our Cloud Services are designed to address these challenges from DevOps to continuous improvement and delivery.

AWS / Azure Security and Operational Assessments
Fishtech identifies the strategy to shift organizations to a DevSecOps approach.
Fishtech identifies your current state from a People, Process, and Technology perspective and then develops a target state. We identify concerns from both security and operational aspects and classify those findings. Our experienced consultants then develop an execution strategy in order to remediate the findings based on criticality in order to realize the benefits of AWS/Azure.
AWS / Azure Migration Strategy
Fishtech helps organizations moving to AWS/Azure that are struggling with costing, security, and identifying migration strategies for existing workloads.
One of the biggest problems organizations face is how to move to AWS/Azure. And while ‘lift and shift’ approach is often taken, it does not allow organizations to realize the benefits of a cloud operating model and, in most cases, it carries a significant cost increase. To find the best approach, we work to understand your current cloud initiatives from an AWS/Azure perspective and seek to identify the best strategy for migrating workloads there. This includes identifying the best resources within AWS/Azure that should be used to meet a given workload and developing an execution strategy to perform the migration.
Cloud Enablement
Let us help develop and optimize your overall Cloud Strategy and determine the best governance framework to use.
Organizations are moving to a cloud operating environment and need to ensure the strategy that has been defined is in line with current and future business objectives. In addition, organizations need to develop processes when moving to a cloud environment and ensure the environment is operationally supportable and secure and complaint. Once this is established Fishtech assists with the overall architecture and process required in order to transform security, engineering, and operational teams. When moving to a cloud model it is not about standardizing on technology but rather on standardizing on processes. Fishtech assists with helping organization develop process on cost optimizations, security controls, and integration from a security perspective into the CI/CD pipeline.
Cloud Sanctioning
Make data and business based security decisions.
Traditionally organizations have mapped controls to a compliance framework and implemented the controls to meet those compliance objectives. However, in many cases these compliance objectives are mandates and do not take into account the overall business strategy and security requirements. Fishtech has developed a cloud sanctioning program where we help organizations develop governance from an organization standpoint to make security decisions based on data types, business requirements, and overall security objectives. Fishtech works with client to develop a service catalog that allows business units to spin up sanctioned cloud services based on data types and other requirements. The proper security controls are applied based on those requirements and the business is able to move at much faster pace while reducing risk and remaining secure.
SaaS Discovery
Do you know how many cloud applications hit your network?
On a typical discovery, we find 1,500 SaaS (Software as a Service) apps, about 200 of which are high risk. SaaS Discovery is the only way to assess and mitigate Shadow IT. Control of your Cloud-based assets starts with visibility and analysis of the level of risk that may be present in those applications.
Enterprise DevOps (DevSecOps) Workshops
How does your security team interact with DevOps and the CI/CD process?
How does your organization deploy containers and/or serverless environments? We offer complementary 1/2 day workshops to enable organizations to adopt an agile approach to their architecture, governance, and delivery.

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