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Fishtech delivers operational efficiencies and improved security postures. Using our six-step approach, we identify gaps in your security profile that may be mitigated with next-generation solutions.

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Industry Leading Consulting
A Listen First Approach
Let us review your current architecture and provide a roadmap to maturity.
Technology Neutral
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We will thoroughly review your requirements and provide the right solution that fits your needs.
Expert Assessments
Transformational Cloud Workshops.
The cloud should enable your business, not hinder it. Fishtech optimizes your platform for success.

Your organization is at risk. And while your business is your primary focus, your information security program must be strong enough to keep your organization safe from risk.

The cloud offers unprecedented efficiencies and elasticity. Embrace this model but do it securely through a prism of visibility, architecture, and governance. A few of the services we offer:

Business Continuity Management
Create the strategic and operational framework to continue business as usual.
Does BCM keep you up at night? You don't have to recover from a disaster you avoid. Lacking a solid business continuity plan, an organization facing disruption can quickly find itself out of business.
Compliance Framework Assessments
Identify, categorize, and assess security program gaps, and then define remediation steps.
How mature is the security posture of your organization? How closely does it align with mandated frameworks and other authority documents? Frameworks such as: NIST, ISO, COBIT, HITRUST, CSA to name a few. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have the time or resources to ensure that their security program is aligned with their selected frameworks. Additionally, they may not have the expertise to accurately assess the program while retaining neutral status. You know you need a framework assessment when:
- Contracts require third-party gap analysis of the security program.
- Unsure where your program will fit into the framework.
- Resources are limited or expertise is not available to assess against the framework.
- Frameworks might require your organization to provide additional security funding, management requires assessment to demonstrate ROI and provide outside opinion.
- You want a more mature program but don't have the structure to get there.
- Regulatory or audit findings require an external assessment and/or audit.
Cybersecurity Program Review
The review provides C-level executives a clear understanding of priority, and the business justification for maturing the organization’s program.
A two-and-half-day workshop led by a senior consultant to assess the maturity of your program and determine initiatives to improve where your organization might be lagging behind industry best practices.
Security Program Development
Security doesn't drive enterprise. It ensures its very existence.
We get it. Your business is your primary focus. But if your information security program is weak, your organization is at risk. Are your programs well-defined and mature or are the functions ad-hoc and reactionary? A mature information security program will have well-documented processes that are actionable and measurable. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have sufficient time, expertise or resources to put the necessary programs into place as more urgent issues often arise. You know you need Security Program Development when: - Ad-hoc activities occur but there is no formal program in place.
- Resources are limited or expertise is not available to develop the overarching programs.
- You must demonstrate ROI to prove the need for security funding.
- You want a more mature program but don't have the structure to get there.
- Regulatory or audit findings require a formal and well-documented program.
Identity & Access Management
A mature IAM Program promotes enterprise agility to keep pace with modern demand for new technologies in an ever-changing threat landscape.
It provides visibility into “who has access to what” at any given time. It will have the capability to govern all accounts and monitor critical accounts. It will offer business efficiencies, such as complete day-1 access for new hires and single sign-on convenience for all its enterprise business applications. It reduces Service Desk calls by offering self-service features, such as password reset. It scales to handle business fluctuations, growth and mergers. And lastly, it offers the capability to quickly adopt new technologies and features to keep relevant and align to current market trends

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