Mitigate risk, maintain compliance, and increase efficiency.

What Makes Fishtech Different

Fishtech delivers operational efficiencies and improved security postures. Using our six-step approach, we identify gaps in your security profile that may be mitigated with next-generation solutions.

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A Listen First Approach
Let us review your current architecture and provide a roadmap to maturity.
Technology Neutral
True Value Added Service
We will thoroughly review your requirements and provide the right solution that fits your needs.
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The cloud should enable your business, not hinder it. Fishtech optimizes your platform for success.

Incorrectly deployed shelfware and gaps in your current security architecture can lead to a compromise.

People, process, and technology are all critical components to consider when enhancing your security architecture.

Security Architecture Review
Our review starts with current state and ends with a strategy roadmap to get where you want to be.
Organizations are challenged with ensuring the proper level of security and reducing risk to the business. This can be challenging and in many cases organizations are not utilizing the security stack effectively. In addition, in many cases there are gaps and or technology redundancies. Fishtech has developed a comprehensive security architecture review that is based on real security and actionable findings. Fishtech identifies gaps and provides actionable recommendations for each finding. Fishtech identifies where there are technologies redundancies from a security perspective and develops a phased approach. However, the security architecture review doesn’t stop there as Fishtech reviews processes and governance requirements as part of the overall process and works with the organization to develop a true security program.
Security Operations Centers
Fishtech completes a full operations assessment that includes people, process, and technology. Clients gain a roadmap, execution strategy, increased operational efficiencies, and a managed level of risk.
Many organizations have invested into the build out of their own Security Operations Center, leverage a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), or hybrid. Fishtech has the experience and expertise to assess your SOC and measure the maturity to align with SOCMM (Security Operations Center Maturity Model) and develop a gap analysis that addresses people, process, and technology to enhance the capabilities and protect the total cost of ownership.
Strategic Staffing
Due to the low availability and high demand of qualified security professionals, the attraction and retention of these individuals is extremely difficult.
Strategic Staffing focuses on duration and skillset-based needs, helping clients fill long-term needs by leveraging Fishtech Group’s years of information security recruiting and consulting expertise.

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