In cybersecurity, protection alone is failing.

What Makes Fishtech Different

Fishtech delivers operational efficiencies and improved security postures. Using our six-step approach, we identify gaps in your security profile that may be mitigated with next-generation solutions.

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Delivering the Right Solution, the First Time
Industry Leading Consulting
A Listen First Approach
Let us review your current architecture and provide a roadmap to maturity.
Technology Neutral
True Value Added Service
We will thoroughly review your requirements and provide the right solution that fits your needs.
Protect Your Business
24/7 365 Protection for Your Most Critical Assets
The cloud should enable your business, not hinder it. Fishtech optimizes your platform for success.

Fishtech’s human-led, machine-driven Security-as-a-Service solution including Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Manage risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real-time.

Enterprise Managed Detection & Response
EMDR provides fast, positive, consistent, and highly automated outcomes, while improving real-time threat detection
Our comprehensive Enterprise Managed Detection and Response Security-as-a-Service offering is a human-led, machine-driven security operations automation solution that expedites threat detection, investigation, remediation, and proactive threat hunting for security events with coverage across cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise environments.
Security Orchestration, Automation & Response
SOAR experts deliver a force multiplier to complement your existing overworked analyst teams with playbooks, workflow, integration, and guidance.
Your Security Operations Center (SOC) was supposed to be taking things off your plate. Instead they're adding to your workload. The SOAR platform enables fast, positive, consistent and automated action. And because we're truly technology-agnostic, we not only plug right in to your existing policies, procedures and processes, we'll also integrate your ticketing and reporting systems, as well as your existing security product investments.
Cloud Security Operations Center
As organizations move business to the cloud, they all too often have little to no visibility or control. So you've got a handle on your enterprise security program at the perimeter.
Our CSOC enables you to proactively manage cloud security risk, minimize your attack surface, and improve your overall security posture. It lets you know and control what's going on in your cloud environments, as well as automate and enforce your security controls in the cloud.
Security Incident Response Team
Is your team losing focus chasing incidents? How good is your in-house incident response capability? Who would you call?
Highly regulated industries are required to have clear incident response plans and capabilities. But virtually every company should have and can clearly benefit from an Incident Response Retainer. We believe you shouldn't be punished if you escape the year without an event. You can use your retainer dollars toward other Fishtech consulting services if you don't use them for security events (such as automation + orchestration, policy + procedure, tabletop exercises, penetration testing, etc.)

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