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Fishtech’s six phase approach provides organizations a comprehensive approach to solving challenges. Information Technology departments must tightly align with the business in order to efficiently meet business objectives.. Our approach is designed to accelerate technology decisions and ensure they are aligned with the strategy of the business, aligned with regulatory compliance requirements, provide due diligence, and increase operational efficiencies. This approach ensures the right solution, the first time.

Do you have complete (100%) confidence in your technology (stack) purchases? Let Fishtech validate your existing architecture and eliminate “shelf-ware”. Learn More

Technology implementation, configuration and management with limited or undertrained resources are risky endeavors.  Fishtech has developed a specifically designed set of capabilities that helps you optimize your tech stack. Learn More

Create a world-class security tech stack that works together and delivers value for your organization. Learn More

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Build confidence in your technology stack purchases


Technology solutions are serious investments and the risk of making a mistake can’t be understated.

Is your organization struggling with under deployed or under-utilized technology solutions? Is “shelfware” a consistent and ongoing concern?

How can I insure my technology investments are delivering?

Optimization Services

Technology implementation, configuration and management with limited or undertrained resources are risky endeavors.

Fishtech has developed a specifically designed set of capabilities that helps you optimize your tech stack. Fishtech technology optimization services enable customers to reduce risk, maintain compliance and maximize efficiency.

The struggle to define and build a security tech stack that protects your organization is real.

Integration Services

The promise of a single platform that can deliver true defense-in-depth has yet to be realized.  What is needed to bridge the gap is technology solution interoperability and integration.

Fishtech integration services blend and consolidate the best features and attributes of your current security tech stack together by;

  • Reducing the number of consoles and interfaces and TCO
  • Leveraging technology provider APIs to strengthen your current security fabric
  • Creating sustainability with limited technology assets and resources
  • Aligning policy management
  • Reducing FTE requirements

Technology is vital to every organization. Often organizations struggle with time and resources to conduct proper due diligence and define requirements prior to making a purchase. Fishtech understands the IT and Security vendor landscape and has developed service offerings around the some of the leading vendors in the cybersecurity space.

Fishtech provides a holistic approach to ensuring you make the right decision, the first time.

Architecture Review
Organizations are challenged with solutions that are not deployed correctly or are shelf ware.
In addition, organizations have gaps in their current security architecture that could lead to a compromise. Let Fishtech review the current network topology and understand the desired state, including: Current and Desired State, Findings and Recommendations, Execution Strategy Roadmap ,and Phased Architecture diagrams.
Firewall Optimization
Take full advantage of your firewall's true potential.
All organizations address a constantly changing landscape of data access and threats against intellectual property. Enhance your security posture by enabling Next-Generation Firewall feature sets, streamlining architecture, and reviewing security policies. Optimization services help an organization take full advantage of its current firewall solution and the next-generation security features, which include: Layer 7 integration, Advanced threat detection, Application identification and integration into security rule base. Streamlining of security rule base, Actionable remediation recommendations and more. Utilizing system health checks, configuration audits, and firewall architecture reviews, we conduct an analysis to develop recommendations for streamlining and optimizing enterprise firewall solutions.
Software Defined Data Center
Deploy new applications and servers quickly and more securely.
Software-Defined Networking operating models are being rapidly adopted by organizations. However, poor planning leads to additional costs, operational, and security concerns that can impact the successful implementation of a SDN model. Plan on success meeting new business requirements with the appropriate processes, architecture, and operational requirements in place.

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