Don't settle for a solution that doesn't meet all of your organizations business objectives.

What Makes Fishtech Different

Fishtech delivers operational efficiencies and improved security postures. Using our six-step approach, we identify gaps in your security profile that may be mitigated with next-generation solutions.

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Delivering the Right Solution, the First Time
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A Listen First Approach
Let us review your current architecture and provide a roadmap to maturity.
Technology Neutral
True Value Added Service
We will thoroughly review your requirements and provide the right solution that fits your needs.
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The cloud should enable your business, not hinder it. Fishtech optimizes your platform for success.

Technology solutions are serious investments and the risk of making a mistake can’t be understated.  Is your organization struggling with under deployed or under-utilized technology solutions?  Is “shelfware” a consistent and ongoing concern?

Build 100% confidence in your technology stack purchases

Fishtech has developed a comprehensive Proof of Concept (“POC”) service engagement to provide a comprehensive validation of select technologies. Fishtech works with you to develop and define requirements and success criteria that will be used to evaluate the technology and ensure it is the right product for your organization. This approach provides you the due diligence needed to make an informed decision prior to selecting a product to purchase.

Fishtech provides a phased approach to achieve the desired outcome. During the requirements phase, Fishtech will make recommendations on what the best technology(s) are to evaluate and develop a requirements matrix for properly evaluating the technology to determine which technology will best fit your needs. During these engagements Fishtech will also assist with a high-level roadmap for deploying the selected technology. The following phases below are what is comprised in a POC engagement:

Phase 1 – Customer Success
• Agreement on project scope and timeline

Phase 2 – Success Criteria
• Develop requirements and success criteria
• Determine the best technology and vendors to POC

Phase 3- POC Setup
• Prepare LAB and setup vendors for testing

Phase 4 – POC Evaluation
• Perform testing and run through use cases

Phase 5- Documentation
• Executive Summary
• Scoring matrix
• Use Cases

Giving you a high level implementation roadmap for the correctly selected technology.


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