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And IoT, SDN, and virtualization. Fishtech is a Cloud-era security company uniquely focused to be your digital transformation partner.

Our founders have a proven track record and immense respect in the security industry. We understand the dynamics of bringing next-generation solutions to market. And we operate on the principle that today’s challenges are not addressed by legacy solutions. Our team has tallied 100-plus years of cyber security experience. Put our expertise to work.

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Born in the cloud, Fishtech is security for the digital era.

Experienced with a history of success and innovation.

Creating the customized solutions your organization requires.

We’re passionate about helping companies grow. By investing in companies like Fishtech, we strengthen our value in the cyber security space. Meanwhile our clients gain access to best-in-class, next-generation security solutions that deliver operational efficiencies and improved security posture.

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explain his investment strategy.

(July 2016) Fishtech has invested $3 million in Foresite, a SaaS-based managed security services provider in Overland Park, Kansas. The investment strengthens the provider’s innovative go-to market strategies, industry positioning, and technology acceleration services.

“Foresite’s Provision platform is a perfect complement to our cloud-forward approach at Fishtech,” says CEO Gary Fish. “With the MSSP market predicted to grow to $30 billion worldwide by 2020, we believe Foresite is positioned well to take advantage of market tailwinds.”

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(December 2016) Fishtech has invested $4 million in Haystax Technology, a leading security analytics platform provider based in McLean, Virginia. The partnership will expand Haystax’s product offerings into new commercial markets such as financial services and healthcare, as well as the development of a channel partner program beyond the company’s roots in homeland security and public safety.

“Haystax Technology will become a go-to partner as we usher organizations through digital transformation,” said CEO Gary Fish.

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The leaders of Fishtech are committed to providing the solutions that help your organization transform. Get to know our leadership team.

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Fishtech is committed to your success. See how our products, solutions, and services help power your transformation.

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“I love that Fishtech was built from the ground up to drive the security outcomes for today’s risks and adversaries – not those of yesteryear This differentiation is what customers are screaming for. Leveraging big data and the Palo Alto Networks’ platform, Fishtech customers will enjoy the benefits of automation instead of counting exclusively on manual intervention. I’m a huge supporter.”


“We are excited to be part of Fishtech’s Cloud Ramp Framework. Fishtech’s next-generation approach to solving today’s cloud problems fits well with our mission to empower organizations to govern usage, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, for any cloud app so that IT can provide secure use of cloud apps and employees can move fast, with confidence.”


“Fishtech’s approach to solving technology problems is a refreshing one. We realize our User Behavioral Analysis platform is but one important piece of solving the overall cloud connectivity challenge. Fishtech’s approach to testing and certifying pre-engineered, next-generation frameworks like CRF allows our customers to quickly get up and running without having to endure lengthy and time-consuming proof of concepts in their own environments.”


“Fishtech’s acceleration program is a unique and exciting partnership for us. Fishtech has a dedicated focus on next-generation technologies and understands what it takes to bring to market emerging, leading edge solutions like the Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform. Together with Fishtech, we are challenging the current cyber security paradigm and solving enterprises’ major security problems.”


“Radware is proud to team with Fishtech, and in alignment with their Cloud Ramp Framework, we’re providing a new approach to security with unprecedented protection, one that continuously adapts to the changing environment and yet, remains simple and minimizes human intervention. Together, we offer cloud security services delivering a comprehensive suite of fully-managed enterprise grade WAF and DDoS protection services.”


“As the accessibility to cloud data sharing and storage apps increase, so does the risk of data loss. TITUS and Fishtech have developed a cloud enablement solution that allows organizations to embrace the cloud while ensuring sensitive information is not at risk.”