What is a Battlecard?

A battlecard is an internal-only sales professional’s go-to-market strategy card. This front/back printable card can be used for training on how to engage a potential client around a particular practice or service offering. Through the various data represented, the account executive should know what to listen for, what to ask, how to position the offering, and know the key contacts involved. Please see an example to the right.

  • If applicable, please list SKU's one line each.
  • A list of words a salesperson should listen for.
  • What should the salesperson ask or be listening for?
  • A quick description of two-three examples of client wins in this practice or offering.
  • A quick description of how we differ from key competitors in this space.
  • Any helpful expertise that a salesperson should reference?
  • How should a salesperson envision packaging the offerings in this practice?
  • How should a salesperson envision solution selling this across other parts of FTG offerings?