It’s official!

We’ve got a robot, a nap pod, and muscle cars. And now? A winning title. Fishtech has the Coolest Office Space in Kansas City!

Thanks to the Kansas City Business Journal for this honor. We appreciate all our friends and colleagues who voted Fishtech!

“It’s not just a place to go to work,” says CEO Gary Fish. “We collaborate, entertain, and have fun. People feel like they’re missing out when they’re not here.”

After renovating a Crossroads building a decade ago, Gary Fish had the opportunity to indulge his interests and completely customize this 20,000-square-foot building in south Kansas City. He created Fishtech’s headquarters as a technology-forward environment that employees (currently about 30) and customers wanted to be in. It’s a two-story structure designed for both business and entertaining. Because we love computers, technology and wine, we surrounded ourselves with them. Cool features include:

  • An Executive Briefing Center that features a formal dining room with wine wall, a gourmet chef’s kitchen and a state-of-the-art, fully interactive stage for presentations and performance
  • Active glass used throughout for privacy at the touch of a button
  • Automated conference rooms with touch screens for client presentations
  • Sunny, comfortable employee break room that looks and feels like a home kitchen; stocked with healthy snacks, Starbucks coffee machine, kegerator (usually filled with our local Martin City Brewery selections) and Evolve Paleo meals
  • Two outdoor work/entertainment spaces for change of scenery and inspiration, outfitted with comfy furniture, heaters, fans and TVs
  • Pepper, the humanoid robot, to help with office tours and real-life application of artificial intelligence (We’re learning AI to apply it to cybersecurity.)
  • A Metronap EnergyPod for employees to relax and re-energize
  • Private mother’s lactation room