Olympics. Elections. Super Bowl (Go Chiefs!). Viral outbreaks. Cyber-attacks. Make no mistake, the new decade is upon us with a year that will surely bring a ton of hype. The 24-hour media cycle pings around to each item with such great intensity that heads are turning back and forth as if we’re all looking at a global tennis match.

All of this can be incredibly distracting as our focus shifts to items that may not be applicable to our own personal goals and the goals of our organizations. What’s worse, it’s accompanied by that sinking feeling of missing something of ACTUAL importance to you and your organization.

Let’s commit together NOT to follow the hype. Moving your strategy this way and that according to the news of the day is not the way to run your business. In terms of cybersecurity strategy for organizations, we covered a similar idea in a recent blog post saying that the news cycle should not be your alert to put to proper practices into place to protect your business.

Through the turbulence of the modern business era, there are strategies that have held tried-and-true. This is why we are so adamant about our focus on being a data-driven cybersecurity solutions provider. We don’t advise on hype. We advise on real information.

This will be a huge focus for us to start this year. We want to double down on what’s actually working for our clients, and what proven methods got us there. In a year of hype, we want to flip the narrative and make 2020 a year of real solutions.

We have already been seeing huge wins operating in a data-driven way to provide real solutions for our customers that keep their businesses secure. CYDERES, our security-as-a-service division has seen explosive growth over the last year of operations as more organizations have trusted in our approach to managed security.

We have been expanding into new areas across the country to better service our growing customer base, including announcing a new Cyber Defense Center in Northwest Arkansas. We have continued to expand on trusted partnerships that have allowed us to better serve the organizations we are protecting every day.

Let us be clear… we’re just getting started. We’re not keeping our solutions a secret. We’ve seen what works for our customers, and we’re ready to implement these solutions for your organization so you don’t have to worry about what the news says you should worry about. You can trust our experts to get it right, because we have been getting it right with solutions backed by real data, regardless of what’s getting hyped.

Over the next month, we’ll be highlighting some of the real solutions we have implemented, talking to our experts on how they’re finding the right solution the first time for our customers, and lastly we’ll be taking deep dives into customer case studies let you see for yourself how our solutions are working first-hand. Stay tuned!

It’s time to get off the hype train. At Fishtech Group, 2020 is a year of real solutions.