Governance and compliance strategies and concerns have taken on new importance this year with the mass adoption of remote work from organizations all over the world.

Throughout this monumental shift, business leaders have been doing their best to navigate the new hurdles that have presented themselves. We’ve heard from many customers about how difficult it has been to prioritize where their focus should be so that they stay compliant and secure in order to ensure their business moves forward.

With that in mind, we recently sat down with our Director of Cyber Risk and Compliance Michelle Thacker to ask what questions she’s been hearing from clients on present compliance priorities, what companies should be planning for the remainder of 2020, GRC technologies, business continuity planning, and more. You can find the videos from this Q&A below.

Compliance Priorities for Companies

Governance and compliance in an ever-changing landscape can be tough for organizations, especially in an abnormally turbulent year. The most important thing is to ask – what are our strategic goals as an organization? Michelle talks about what these goals may look like, and what companies should focus on for the remainder of 2020.


What’s Your Risk Posture?

Showing risk posture to executives within your organization is also a pain point for many of our customers. There can be such a sprawl of information, and it’s important to present information in a clear and concise manner. Michelle talks about how tools can be of great use to accomplish these goals.


Helping Clients with Governance

Curious about how Fishtech is helping current clients from a Governance standpoint? This video will be a great way to find a starting point for how we can help your governance program get up to speed using Fishtech’s advisory offerings.


GRC Technologies

Current GRC technologies are helping customers more efficiently conduct GRC operations and may be of great assistance to your organization. Michelle speaks to a few of these technologies and what they bring to the table.


Business Continuity Planning

The value of business continuity planning has never been more clear than in 2020. Disaster can strike at any moment, and it is important to have a plan in place to make sure your organization can continue to operate, even in adverse situations. Michelle dives a little deeper into this critical offering.

Working with Other Fishtech Practices

One of the great benefits of Fishtech Group is our robust practice offerings and their ability to work together to create the best solutions for our customers. Michelle talks about how these various practices tie into CRC.