As organizations across the world have adapted to large-scale remote workforces, our teams continue to work hard to virtually help our clients minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and maintain compliance. As we do, we’ve made it our aim to grow the amount of education and demonstration about these real-world solutions via our live webcasts.

To make it easier to parse through each webcast to find the discussions that provide the most value to you, we’ve put together a few highlight clips from the four most recent webcasts to help you get a feel for the discussions and subject matter. We will provide links to each webcast under each clip, or you can visit the full page of all of our recent webcasts here.

Enable Your Business to Move Faster & More Securely with Governance As Code

Whether you are in development, operations, or security, DevOps is no doubt on your radar. As enterprises increasingly leverage the cloud to host business applications as part of their digital transformation, security and development teams need to transform how they work together.

In this moderated webinar panel discussion, hear from cybersecurity experts as they address best practices to bridge the gap between InfoSec and DevOps and the principles of security being part of the DevOps evolution. In addition, this webinar will address the following questions:

  • How do you ensure compliance controls into your cloud native infrastructure?
  • How do I ensure my developers can move quickly while remaining compliant and secure?
  • How do you bring all the right technologies together successfully as you go down the automation journey?
  • What are the best practices around Governance as Code to spin up resources and configure and manage them on day one, day two, and beyond?

Back to the Office: Solutions for the New Risk Landscape

After an incredibly quick shift to support remote workforces on a massive scale, businesses are now beginning plans to allow their teams back into corporate offices.

As this planning occurs, it is vital to understand what reactionary changes had to be made to accommodate the business needs of remote workers. Fresh strategies and opportunities MUST be identified in order to improve security, governance, and architecture.

This webinar sponsored by Fishtech Group, CyberArk, Ping, and SailPoint focuses on the potential risks that were allowed to accommodate remote workers, how to identify improvement opportunities, and how to apply those solutions from a Strategy, Governance, and Architecture perspective.

Link to full webcast here.


Insider Threat Mitigation: How to Identify, Prioritize and Protect Critical Assets

One of the most overlooked aspects of effective insider threat mitigation is the identification of an organization’s critical assets, which can include intellectual property, people, facilities, systems, customer data, and more.

This webinar will explain why and how to identify the critical assets in your company. We will present a step by step approach to identifying and validating critical assets, identifying and assessing the threats to those assets, evaluating risk appetite and tolerance, and prioritizing the most critical assets.

Participants in the webinar will learn:

  • The importance of defining critical assets
  • An approach to identify critical assets
  • An approach to identify threats to critical assets
  • The impact of critical assets on deterrence and protection activities
  • The impact of critical assets on detection activities

This approach will help you establish a consistent and recurring process to protect your company’s critical assets against insider attacks.

Link to full webcast here.




Demand More From Your Cloud PAM

Attend this webinar to learn how Cloud PAM differs drastically from a traditional on-premise solution.  Saviynt and Fishtech will discuss client use cases and why a PAM solution needs to be cloud-architected and cloud-delivered to reduce risk, contain cost, and secure identities for applications, data, and infrastructure.

In addition, join us to discuss the following topics:

  • How the risk of privileges in the cloud differs from traditional PAM and how to manage the velocity and scale of those changes
  • How gaps in legacy PAM solution fail to accommodate the volume of change in the cloud
  • How a single solution can meet PAM needs for both IaaS and SaaS
  • How to meet the challenges of a multi-cloud ecosystem
  • How to secure next-generation cloud workloads including instances/containers, cloud databases, serverless functions and APIs.
  • Governing privileged access in your Hybrid Enterprise

Link to full webcast here.