There have been a lot of exciting developments on our CYDERES team over the past year, most notably with our 2.0 release of the CYDERES Cloud Native Analytics Platform. With so much going on, it can be hard to keep up. To help give visibility into what our CYDERES teams have been up to, and to help pass along information to organizations looking to start or improve their security programs, we sat down with CYDERES Chief Technology Officer Tim MalcomVetter to cover a lot of ground of what we accomplished in 2021, and to provide insight for priorities moving forward in 2022. Let’s get started!

No SIEM, No SOC? No Problem!

Many organizations that are just starting to develop their security programs may be tentative to engage outside organizations for vulnerability assessments or penetration testing without a proper SIEM or SOC in place. We can assist with out either of these so that you can move forward with important information on your vulnerabilities to get your program started on the right foot.

Why Unlimited Ingestion Changes Everything

Unlimited ingestion has not been the norm in the past for organizations looking to analyze their data for threats. With our partnership with Google Cloud Chronicle, we’re making unlimited ingestion a reality. Here from Tim why this new approach changes everything.

Bring All Your Data! (And How We Normalize It)

We’re not only expanding data ingestion from a raw storage standpoint. We have also developed our solutions to allow for our customers to bring in data from all of their disparate sources, and create an easy-to-use platform to allow an incredible amount of visibility, enabling our customers to have full insight over their digital domain.

Why Should Organizations Trust MSSPs?

Some organizations don’t have the resources to fully bake out a security program internally. MSSPs can be a much needed boost in people, process, and technology where an organization may otherwise be lacking.

Critical Questions When Securing Endpoints

Traditionally, endpoint security has been focused mainly on ingress security controls, or what’s coming into the network. A more modern approach may need to focus more on egress security controls, or what’s leaving. Tim talks about this, and other critical questions when security endpoints.

How to Get the Most Out of MITRE?

At CYDERES, we’re really big fans of the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Hear Tim talk more about how to get the most out of MITRE.

CNAP 2.0 – What’s the Point?

CYDERES CNAP, or our Cloud Native Analytics Platform, has recently received a 2.0 update, bringing with it new features that are create immense value for our customers. Tim talks about the origins of CNAP, and some of the new features that have been brought on board with 2.0.

What Limits the Best Blue Teams in the World?

Tim comes from the Red Team world and offers up some of his past experiences to highlight what limits the best blue teams in the world, which may not be what you think!

How Adversary Tactics are Evolving

Adversary tactics have been changing from early days of credit card breaches, which may require an immense amount of work and learning your environment, to newer tactics which allow financially-motivated actors to reach their end goal of getting paid faster. Tim explains some of these tactics in detail.

Priorities for 2022 and Beyond!

As the year begins to come to a close, you may be thinking about what your security priorities will be for 2022. Tim dives into a few areas that he has seen gaining steam with our customers.

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