Fishtech Group has long been a proponent of securing your business as a data-driven cybersecurity services provider for any computing platform. Over the last four years we have been helping businesses minimize risk, maintain compliance, and increase efficiency in this new, modern cloud-based digital ecosystem.

In the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis, securing the cloud has taken on a new level of importance as a huge portion of the global workforce has moved to working from home. This has created new challenges in cybersecurity, and we want to help organizations meet them head on. So, with this huge change in modern business operations as a backdrop, let us reintroduce ourselves.

Below is a video replay of a recent webcast we did with the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) talking about how to navigate cybersecurity challenges and secure your business, largely in context of the current COVID-19 crisis. Co-Founders Chuck Crawford (CCO) and Dan Thormodsgaard (CTO) along with Kerry Kilker (EVP/CISO/COO) talk about many foundational aspects of Fishtech Group, and how we are navigating this new normal and steps businesses should be taking to secure themselves in this time of uncertainty. Give it a watch, and if you have any questions of the information you heard in the video, or anything else you may want to know to help secure your business, fill out the form below, and we will connect you with one of our cybersecurity professionals. We hope you are staying safe and healthy.