Over the course of the last 20 years in cybersecurity, security practitioners have had to adapt to the many challenges that have emerged as data has moved from on-premise data centers to cloud, or multi-cloud environments.

We recently sat down with Chuck Crawford, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, to talk about how modern organizations can address these evolving challenges with a DevOps culture that brings security to the table as a primary part of the CI/CD pipeline.

Chuck addresses the importance of bringing teams up to speed on the necessary people, processes, technologies, and terminologies of the various teams they work with, from development, to operations, to security, and beyond.

With the growing speed at which organizations deploy their applications and services, a proper DevOps culture is more important than ever. With security integrated in a meaningful way, you can ensure you are proactively addressing governance, compliance, and security issues, so that you can continue to quickly bring value to your customers without setbacks that may emerge if you are constantly approaching your deployments from a reactive standpoint.

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