Modern threats require modern security operations. This is a topic we have covered a number of times over the past year. In fact, we presented at the Google Cloud Security Summit on this very subject. In that presentation, our CYDERES Chief Technology Officer Tim MalcomVetter, and CYDERES Chief Operating Officer Mike Wyatt spoke broadly about the top security challenges modern organizations are facing, and how we’re developing and implementing proven, modern solutions for our customers.

For today’s blog post, we put together a few videos from our interview with CYDERES COO Mike Wyatt, including items that were outside of the scope of the original presentation, in order to give you an even fuller insight on what modern security operations look like, and how you can utilize our expertise to help you combat the modern threats of today. If you have any questions, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be connected with one of our CYDERES experts. Let’s get started!

What are the Top Security Challenges of the Modern Risk Landscape?

Many organizations are hearing a lot of noise surrounding modern cyber threats, and can get lost trying to make heads or tails of where to prioritize their efforts. CYDERES Chief Operating Officer Mike Wyatt discusses some of the top security challenges of the modern risk landscape to help illuminate a few priorities to keep in mind.

Why Does As-A-Service Make Sense in Today’s Environment?

Once priorities have been established for organizations in the modern risk landscape, many are left wondering how to proceed with how to adequately protect themselves. Partnering with an MSSP can open up so many possibilities as you tap into the expertise and resources found within managed security that may be difficult to leverage in-house.

Unlocking 24/7 Response Capabilities

One of the key components that MSSPs can unlock for your organization is 24/7 response capabilities. It’s one thing to be able to detect threats, but are you able to respond to them in pivotal moments, even in off-business hours? Mike expands on the benefits of 24/7 response capabilities, and on the value our EMDR offering brings.

Learn More, Act Faster with CNAP 2.0

Mike dives into our CNAP 2.0 offering and all of the recent additions that have helped make our Cloud Native Analytics Platform a powerful tool for organizations looking to modernize their security operations.

Winning Solutions that Leading Organizations are Adopting

We get a lot of questions regarding our partnership with Google Chronicle and how that is being leveraged to create winning solutions for leading organizations. Mike expands on the capabilities of Chronicle and how that leads to better results for faster identification of threats to your environment.

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