Our Founder's Passion

“My team and I previously built the largest cybersecurity services provider in North America, but today’s security challenges are no longer effectively addressed by those legacy solutions. Born in the cloud, Fishtech Group is a current-generation security-as-a-service solutions provider built from the ground up to lead our clients through secure and successful business transformation.”


A Legacy of Success

Gary's history includes over ten successful cybersecurity startups, including Fishnet Security, the first security integrator in the world to reach 700mm in annual revenues.

Gary's Passion

"Success isn't finite. There's always more potential to unlock - we want to guide our clients to find new levels of success previously thought impossible."

How Can Our Team Enable Your Business Transformation?

From Fortune 1 to the smallest startup, our team has equipped thousands of teams with the people, process, and technology to secure their success.

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