CYDERES, the 24/7 security-as-a-service division of cybersecurity solutions provider Fishtech Group, is excited to announce Insider Threat Monitoring as a Service as a frictionless add-on to the CYDERES Managed Detection and Response solution. The offering grows the CYDERES broad data spectrum for cyber defense and response via the seamless integration of Haystax’s industry-leading Insider Threat platform.

“The Haystax integration helps CYDERES customers prioritize enterprise risk and identify insider threats by focusing on human actions and intent,” says Eric Foster, president of CYDERES, a top 25 MSSP award winner in 2020.

“By offering this as a one-click integration, CYDERES makes it both easy and cost-effective to add detections specific to insider threats to the unmatched analytics capabilities enabled by the CYDERES Cloud Native Analytics Platform powered by Google Chronicle.”

Insider threats are often too well concealed to be detected using conventional data analytics solutions. Consequently, organizations typically become aware of threats only after an incident has occurred. Meanwhile, SOC analysts are overwhelmed chasing down alerts and trying to validate mostly false positives.

This integrated insider threat mitigation solution continuously monitors actions in an organization, pinpointing early indications of the most serious risk from IP theft, espionage, fraud, and other adverse behaviors.

The analytics leverages cutting-edge machine learning and proprietary data models to surface the most accurate and meaningful indicators of such behaviors. Powered by the 24x7x365 CYDERES SOC and CYDERES Cyber Defense Platform, the integrated solution ingests data from a variety of sources and then applies probabilistic models, machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques to provide rich intelligence.

With the ease of deployment via the CYDERES Cyber Defense Platform, automated messages are generated from the alerting engine on indications of an emerging or high risk. The net effect is a drastic reduction in data overload and analyst fatigue, and earlier detection of the most important threats. As a result, decision-makers are better prepared, empowering them to act with confidence when a crisis strikes.

“CISOs are often charged with detecting high risk behavior and understanding employee and contractor intent from online signals. Ultimately, organizations hold CISOs responsible for the protection, confidentiality, and integrity of intellectual property, sensitive data, and critical operational systems that are often most at risk from malicious or unwitting insiders,” says Brett Wilson, General Manager of Haystax, which has won the Cyber Excellence Award three years running. “This new integration empowers information security professionals no matter what their current program structure or maturity.”

About Fishtech Group
Fishtech Group is the leading current generation security-as-a-service solutions provider for enabling secure and successful business transformation. Born in the cloud and based in Kansas City, Missouri, Fishtech Group includes the 24-7 Cyber Defense and Response division CYDERES and security analytics firm Haystax in Mclean, VA.