Hi, Jason. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Tell us about what you do at Fishtech Group.
Hi, I’m Jason Sloderbeck, Vice President of Business Development for CYDERES.

We’re continuing our highlight of our various CYDERES offerings, and today we wanted to give a spotlight on our CYDERES Cloud Security service offering. Could you give us a brief overview of CYDERES Cloud Security?
CYDERES Cloud Security provides complete protection for an organization’s infrastructure, applications, and data running in the cloud. Whether an organization uses AWS, GCP, or Azure – or a combination of those – CYDERES Cloud Security provides provide end-to-end security for cloud applications and servers in those environments. That includes everything from 24×7 monitoring and Incident Response, to visibility and compliance reporting. The outcome is that you’ve got a partner to detect and respond to any threat in your cloud environment.

Why would an organization be interested in CYDERES Cloud Security?

The big driver for interest in CYDERES Cloud Security is that securing the Cloud is fundamentally different than the traditional security model. The concept that network configurations and security controls are now Code maintained by a DevOps team – instead of firewalls that are owned by InfoSec is a shift in thinking and it’s challenging for many organizations to get their arms around this. Security professionals are struggling to keep up with the rapidly-changing landscape of Cloud. New services are launched every week by Cloud providers. We’ve found that you really have to be a Developer to make heads or tails out of most the security alerts that come out of your Cloud environment, let alone knowing what to do with those alerts.

How does CYDERES Cloud Security complement the flagship Enterprise Managed Detection and Response offering from CYDERES?

CYDERES Cloud Security is the perfect complement to our Enterprise Managed Detection and Response offering. While EMDR protects data centers and offices and remote employees, Cloud Security extends that to include their cloud infrastructure and applications. So now an organization has a single SOC for everything, all in one place. Our Cloud Security Engineers who work hand in hand with our SOC and we function as an extension of your team, interfacing with DevOps and Security teams to provide comprehensive security for the entire environment.

What are the various capabilities a customer can expect with CYDERES Cloud Security?

There are three key capabilities a customer can expect with CYDERES Cloud Security. First, we’re going to implement and manage a Cloud Management Platform, which provides cloud governance, container security tooling, as well as integration with CI/CD pipelines. Second, we’re going to provide Q&A support for your Security and DevOps teams about best practices, cloud security methodologies, and anything other issues that come up related to cloud security, to help upskill everyone on an ongoing basis. And finally, we provide 24×7 SOC that performs triage, investigation, and response for all of the cloud alerts. So, if a DevOps team pushes out a change that accidentally exposes data to the public during a maintenance window at 3am on a Sunday morning, we’re going to prevent that from happening by automatically rolling it back but also engage live with your teams to work through the issue. And we back that with unlimited Incident Response for our clients’ cloud environments.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today.

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