When we first started planning our second Cyber Defense Center, our goal was to create another world class space to house world class talent in the vein of our original Cyber Defense Center in Kansas City. We’re a few months a way from the anniversary of the opening of CDC 2 in Northwest Arkansas, and we’re so pleased with what our team has been able to accomplish in such short time. We visited CDC 2 earlier this year and sat down to talk with CYDERES Director of Security Operations Josh Culotta to talk all about our space in Northwest Arkansas, today’s biggest threat vectors, what makes CYDERES different, the common challenges CISOs are seeing, and more. Check out a few clips from our interview below.

Our Proactive Approach to Today’s Biggest Threat Vectors

At CYDERES, we are constantly staying on top of today’s biggest threat vectors to ensure our customers are protected. Josh explains how we take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach the challenges of today.


What Sets CYDERES Apart?

Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP, have become a four letter word with negative connotations. Our aim at CYDERES is to reclaim the name and make MSSPs elite and ready for the rigors of modern cybersecurity. Josh talks more about what CYDERES is doing to make that happen.


Can CYDERES Augment My Existing SOC

What about customers that already have a SOC? Can CYDERES still provide value and work alongside already established infrastructure? Absolutely. CYDERES was tailor-made to be a seamless addition to any organization’s security team. We take a technology agnostic approach to better align ourselves with any team, from early upstarts to well-established veterans.


Biggest Challenge Facing CISOs Today

With the onset of the pandemic, remote work took on a prominent role in the daily operations of organizations across the globe. With the size and scope of remote operations, and the rapid speed in which the operations were stood up, many organizations were scrambling to make sure their employees and their devices were secure. Josh highlights this challenge as one of the biggest still facing CISOs today, even as many start to transition back to in-person work.


Why Long-Term Telemetry Storage is a Must

Many cybersecurity professionals have been conditioned against significant telemetry storage due to cost. With the Chronicle platform, pricing is based off of headcount, not data, which allows organizations to store and analyze exponentially more telemetry. Josh talks about the practicality of long-term telemetry storage, and the use cases for this approach.


Overlooked Costs When Building Your Own SOC

The costs of building your own SOC can be significant, and these costs go well beyond headcount. Josh dives into many of the overlooked costs when building your own SOC.


Recommendations for Small Businesses

When small businesses are looking to ramp up their security capabilities, it can be quite daunting due to cost and personnel requirements. Josh talks about how CYDERES can help get you up to speed faster, while allowing you to continue to focus on your business.


What is GSOC?

One of our core CYDERES offerings is our Global Security Operations Center, or GSOC. Learn more about what GSOC can bring to the table for your organization.


The Benefits of SOC Prime

We recently announced a deeper partnership with SOC Prime to further bolster the capabilities of our Managed Detection and Response offerings. Josh gets into specifics about the benefits of SOC Prime.


Bridging the Gap Between Security and Operations

Security and Operations have traditionally been significantly siloed. How do we increase efficiencies across the board with the unification of these important pillars? Josh talks about bridging this gap.


Tips for Working with a CISO

Whether you have a direct or indirect line to a CISO, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep communication on operations flowing smoothly. Josh shares his tips on working with a CISO.


What Does Normal Look Like for Your Business Going Forward?

As we all continue to navigate the business landscape after a tumultuous year, the question starts to become “what does normal look like?” Josh addresses these questions from a security perspective.


Join the Fishtech Team!

Our second Cyber Defense Center is just getting started, and we’re looking to grow. If you’re interested in joining our team, in Arkansas, or anywhere across the country, don’t hesitate to reach out, or head on over to our Careers page to see all of our current openings.[/vc_column_text]

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