How do we define success? Listening to our customers’ business objectives and helping them meet them.

Their success is our success – it’s our constant focus.

You may have seen some recent videos we put out on social media highlighting our customer success teams at CYDERES, often looking at how we approach customer success from the beginning of an engagement. Today, we wanted to highlight what that success looks like on the other end.

We had received some feedback from a client regarding how the CYDERES team mobilized to combat a potential breach in their environment. See the customer’s quote below:

“I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize Fishtech CYDERES for leading the way in assisting our business to secure our environment. In a recent incident, one of our users inadvertently opened a maldoc that attempted to establish a C2 connection in order to exfiltrate data out of our environment.


Our security teams worked closely with CYDERES to contain the threat and ensure minimum impact – they reacted quickly and effectively and also took proactive measures to prevent this from happening again in the future. Your teams demonstrated the technical knowledge needed to work this event and provided valuable data needed to remediate the overall threat.


In addition, the team is leading the way in identifying and reporting upticks in various alerts and ensuring our team is aware of any notable events hitting our environment. We greatly appreciate your team doing what’s required but also their hunger to learn and become better every day – surely a reflection of the leadership culture at CYDERES. Thanks for your continued support!”

Because our client’s data, intellectual property, and brand integrity are of utmost concern, it’s often difficult to report on this blog the incredible stories of what really happens in the trenches of the ongoing cyber war between our CYDERES professionals and malicious actors. So, when we received this recent feedback, we felt like it was a great opportunity to slightly pull back the curtain.

CYDERES is truly a team of high performing cybersecurity professionals, whose objective is to protect clients like these. It doesn’t fall to just one person as you can see from the feedback above. We are incredibly proud of the work of our colleagues at CYDERES and are happy to get the chance to show that our clients feel the same way.

When your organization engages with CYDERES, you can expect the same level of proficiency, communication, and overall teamwork to protect your organization from threats like these so that you can focus on your business, not your threats.

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