The Fishtech CYDERES Threat Hunt Tour, powered by Chronicle launched last year in Boulder, Colorado.

We hit 14 cities over the course of two months to highlight the capabilities of Google’s Chronicle and Fishtech Group’s CYDERES and how they can change the security landscape of your organization, and combat the threats you face every day.

For more information on the Threat Hunt Tour and find which cities we visited on the tour, visit

To give you a taste of some of the information we covered on the tour, we’re going to be looking at various threats to your business through a few blog posts. It’s time to prey on your threats – instead of letting them undercut your vision and goals for the future.

Today, let’s talk about legacy SIEM solutions.

Frankly, your legacy SIEM sucks. Literally! It’s sucking away time and profits from your business every day. It’s slow. It’s not built for a new era of analyzing petabytes of security telemetry.

Fact: Your SIEM’s speed is a threat to your business.

In the era of big data, your SIEM has more information than ever to comb through, and that can delay the amount of time it takes to detect credible threats leaving your business vulnerable. Over time, analysts will begin to inadvertently get trained by these slow searches to choose what is worth searching for, which is whatever is returned the fastest.

This can create a huge vulnerability for your organization, as analysts may not be finding the most pressing threats to your business due to a slow SIEM.

There is a better way. There is a FASTER way. On the Threat Hunt Tour, we put together hands-on workshops with proactive strategies to give you faster and more inexpensive solutions to the issues caused by traditional SIEM.

Fact: Your SIEM’s cost structure is a threat to your business.

Attendees left the tour with a FREE demo environment of Chronicle, the security telemetry platform that will give organizations unmatched speed and unequaled scalability when analyzing massive amounts of data to hunt the threats to your organization.

It’s time to learn how to search through petabytes of security telemetry in a fraction of the time at 1/10 the cost of traditional SIEM providers.

Get a solution that has number of users, not data threshold, as the basis for cost structure. Talk about a game-changer that everyone on your board can get behind!

We’d love to talk about how CYDERES brings unrivaled Chronicle expertise to enhance your security operations through human-led, machine-driven security-as-a-service. CYDERES is the seasoned expert you need to help your team fully realize the game-changing capabilities of Chronicle. Fill out the form below to get connected with a CYDERES expert so that you can harness this incredible opportunity to leave your threats in the dust.