It’s over.

The year that has brought so much uncertainty and disruption is behind us. 2020 is no more.

Hooray! But… wait… how much is really going to change now that ’20 is ’21? It’s certainly nice to have the symbolic changing of the guard when the ball drops. A fresh start. A new beginning. It can help recenter us for the next 365 days. All things worth celebrating.

Unfortunately, many challenges from the year before also get carried over. The world is still battling a virus that has upended lives and, to center in on our area of expertise, whose fallout has increased cyber risk for the numerous organizations that have shifted to remote work. It may be a new year, but the landscape largely remains the same – a digitally accelerated world.

Spoiler Alert: Digital Doesn’t Die in 2021.

Adversity brings innovation, and adversity was in abundance in 2020. Organizations had to adapt to so many changes and adopt new ways of operating that last year could be considered the definitive jump into the digital age. Kids in classes online, employees in meetings online, events held online. The world was digital.

The digital age isn’t going anywhere – in fact, it will only pick up steam.

With each positive development in the battle against the global pandemic, we rejoice at the thought of the day we regain some of the normalcy we once knew. Until then, remote operations are still prominent and there is much to plan for as we begin 2021.

We have already seen massive cyberattacks come to light in the past couple months (read our previous blog “On State Actors and Cyber Readiness”). As we had discussed all last year, cybercrime has been on the rise, as there are more opportunities to breach unsuspecting organizations with so much data shifting to the digital space.

The public nature of these recent breaches just punctuates that point. From woefully out of date software to MFA-less programs to cloud security gates left wide open, opportunities are everywhere for cyber criminals, especially in our current landscape. How are you preparing to counteract their efforts?

Proper protection is key to weather the storms that our new normal has thrust upon us. Proper protection also allows opportunities for prosperity moving forward, as organizations save precious time and money recovering from cyber incidents.

The digital transformations that many organizations have undergone have had positive side effects as well. Greater efficiencies, and opportunities for growth. These gains are worth protecting. Innovation through adversity is still innovation proper. Therefore, it’s easy to see that digital transformation will remain even when the global pandemic does not.

Digital Doesn’t Die in 2021.

Whether to protect yourself from current threats, or to protect yourself to set your organization up for growth in the future, cybersecurity needs to be a key tenet of your plans for 2021.

Leveraging decades of experience in customer environments, we are constantly discovering new ways to help businesses big or small.

Not ready or currently capable to invest in a broad security division within your own organization? You aren’t stuck. Let us step in as a fully formed operational arm of your organization through CYDERES, our Security-as-a-Service division.

Need to bolster current capabilities? Leverage our experts to help you with maturing areas of your program.

We know digital transformation isn’t going anywhere, and we’re ready to help protect your organization in this accelerated digital age. In 2021, we’re security at your service.