Let’s be honest, if hindsight is 2020, well, we’d all be happier.

The multifaceted challenges of the year have brought an even greater need for actual, non-hyped, solutions in just about every area of our lives.

That stretches to include our (cyber) industry, which unfortunately is known for over-hyped, so called “next-gen” technologies which all too often under-deliver.

If over-hyped and over-priced got married, their kid would undoubtedly be some late great cybersecurity shelf-ware.


Born in the cloud and primed to deliver the right solution the first time to our clients, Fishtech’s innovators took a listen-first approach to understanding each business’ unique challenges to customize a roadmap that led to real-world tangible success.

How did we do this? By bringing a 6-step approach to all our engagements to help us accurately define and zero in on customer success. As we round out 2020, let’s briefly take a look at each step that helped us bring greater protection in an unpredictable year:


With our listen first approach, we want to understand what your business objectives are before we jump into building out or augmenting your security program.

Leveraging decades of expertise from industry pioneers as well as multi-time CISO’s (including Fortune 1’s former Global CISO) who understand both sides of the table, we are uniquely equipped to hear your challenges and promote proven strategies that have worked and are working for existing clients.

Further, we believe cybersecurity to be more than a “check-box” but rather a driver of business efficiency, risk mitigation, and overall growth. Far from being a simple compliance objective, a robust program will catapult your organization to achieve your goals.

Whether you are moving data to the cloud, your IAM program needs a tune-up, are looking to implement a strong CI/CD pipeline, or a myriad of other solutions, let us turn existing pain points into business drivers.


Properly understanding all elements of your cyber risk remains critical for all organizations. Before we get to thinking through your architecture, let’s bake governance and compliance in from the beginning – matching your necessary compliance frameworks (NIST, HIPAA) with your day-to-day operations to make reporting a snap and audit nightmares a thing of the past.


Public, private, hybrid? The cloud can be a tricky thing to navigate. Yet, there are many best practices that can be leveraged to save you time, money, and headaches.

As we’ve done for 100’s of clients, let us sit down and build out a customized Cloud Ramp Framework that ensures you will accomplish the objectives you originally set out to achieve in the cloud and avoid the pitfalls.


Innovation, disruption and a deep dedication to customer success are key ingredients to Fishtech’s strategy and success. That means no “widget-selling”, but a careful validating of each technology we recommend from our vast tech partner network.

Ensuring that each one is validated to work within the program the earlier steps have built as well as the rest of your existing stack is a requirement before full implementation and build out begins.

Our own Fishtech Lab is a powerful ally to combine proven methodologies with performance and security testing, POC’s, and reference architectures to ensure you are optimized for success.


You know your business objectives, but do you know the achievable outcomes the combined force of your carefully thought through security program can deliver?

Even beyond technology, building a security culture with repeatable processes in your organization is paramount. Leverage our expertise to help you build playbooks to fast-track your team culture, program deliverables, and measurable results.


A mature and robust cyber program involves people, process, and technology all working together, and is measured beyond avoidance of risk but rather achievement of expected outcomes.

Since those were defined early on in the process, the operational phase can be continuously monitored and measured by senior leadership.

And as your organization grows, you may find that having your own dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) will be augmented (or better managed entirely) by our award-winning 24/7 CYDERES managed services.

Scaling and upgrading your managed defense and response, red team, and cloud governance with an around-the-clock expert team may streamline your cost, efficiency, and speed to value especially with a large remote workforce.


As unforeseen circumstances arise (see 2020), our 6-step approach can begin anew with another round of strategy sessions, further governance frameworks, architecture discussions, and more, to adjust in order to achieve even greater heights of efficiency and success.

Hype is overrated. Let’s #BeCyberSmart together, punch your challenges in the mouth and accomplish your goals. Whatever it takes, Fishtech is ready to earn your trust as we help you navigate and secure your future.

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