In a recent blog post, we introduced a new series we will be curating over the next couple of weeks about why you shouldn’t build a SOC in-house. Though the alternative of using an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) can be a frustrating experience, almost no one can defend building a SOC in-house.

To help bridge the gap between these two solutions, and to provide a good alternative to an in-house SOC, we wanted to build an operation that is different from other MSSP offerings and effectively do away with all of the negative connotations that come with the territory. That solution is CYDERES, our 24/7 human-led and machine-driven security-as-a-service.

So, let’s look at one of the issues with building a SOC in-house, and how CYDERES can be an effective alternative. Today we will be looking at why cost is a huge factor as to why you shouldn’t build a SOC in-house.

SOCs are Expensive

We’re not talking about pricey options to warm your feet up, although apparently there are also some pretty expensive SOCKS as well. We’re talking about the costs that come with trying to put together world class security operations centers.

There’s no doubt that any organization that’s building out their cybersecurity program needs to utilize a security operations center. Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult to put one together in-house, and there are a number of factors as to why.

Cost Factors for Why You Shouldn’t Build a SOC In-House

The first factor is people. You will need a minimum headcount of 12 to 15 people to make sure there can be someone available for every shift, and to make sure all of your bases are covered when anyone goes on vacation or gets sick. Along with the salaries for these positions, you will also need to invest heavily in training off the bat, which can be a huge initial cost upfront before you even get rolling on protecting your organization.

The second factor is technology. If you were worried about the initial upfront costs of training, you may want to shield your eyes from the price tag on acquiring the necessary threat detection technology, which is again something you need to focus on before you even get operations going. The costs for these technologies aren’t just isolated to the acquisition stage either. These technologies carry significant annual or on-going costs as you continue to use them, and can get out of hand quite quickly.

The third factor is facilities. You are already investing so much into the people and technology necessary to build out your in-house SOC that facilities can take a back seat. Either you will have to pay huge sums of money to build out a nice facility adding to your previously incurred costs, or you may be forced to cut corners and relegate your people to less than ideal spaces. This can become prohibitive over time as many of your professionals may leave your organization over such conditions, and in an industry that is already facing talent shortages, this can become a huge problem for your long-term viability.

Using CYDERES Over an In-House SOC

To remedy many of these cost issues that arise when trying to build your own SOC in-house, we created CYDERES, our human-led and machine-driven security-as-a-service, while creating a better alternative to MSSPs that carry their own problems.

We have been hiring new talent to bolster our already phenomenal cast of cybersecurity professionals, and have built out an ‘a’ team that can provide 24/7 enterprise managed detection and response, among other services.

We have also recently built a world-class Cyber Defense Center to house our CYDERES professionals to make clear our dedication to becoming the best managed security provider in our industry.

Furthermore, because cybersecurity is a core competency of our business, we are able to continually attract the best in the business, because we can make these talented professionals the centerpoint of our business, rather than be a specialized wing of other businesses trying to build out a security team in an organization whose core competencies may place emphasis in other areas.

On the technology front, we have heavily invested into any solutions that give us the capabilities we need to succeed. We have an engineering team with 15+ dedicated developers to help build the tools we need to integrate 3rd party products and help us do our jobs better. We also have access to Fishtech sales engineers and partners to create a team of people to help get us up to speed on the latest and greatest in our industry and troubleshoot any issues along the way.

As an alternative to in-house SOCs, we are more cost effective. As an alternative to MSSP, we are better, faster, cheaper, scalable, and we can prove it.

So that just leaves one question… When can we prove it to you?

Fill out the form below to get connected with one of our CYDERES experts to see how you can leverage CYDERES to get world class protection, without the unnecessary cost burdens of building your own SOC in-house. Focus on your business, we’ll handle your threats.