The Threat Hunt Tour, powered by Chronicle with Fishtech Group’s CYDERES, roars on! Find us in the coming days in Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix. Are we coming to your city?

We’re bringing the tour to 15 cities through early November to highlight the capabilities of Google’s Chronicle and Fishtech Group’s CYDERES. We want to demonstrate in-person how this superlative platform and expert consultants can literally change the security landscape of your organization and combat the threats you face every day.

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In this blog, we’ve been covering some of the various threats to your business all month long. We’ve already covered the inefficiencies of legacy SIEM in our last post and how the slow speed of legacy SIEM is a threat to your business. We’ve talked about the rising and unscalable costs of legacy SIEM solutions.

We’ve established the harsh truth that legacy SIEM is inefficient and inexpensive. There’s another very real threat to your organization that everyone in cybersecurity knows all too well – the huge shortage of skilled and ready-to-go talent in the industry. And this threat just may be worse than you think.

Chances are your cyber defenses don’t measure up to the high standards you set when you took the job. The biggest reason may be you just can’t hire or retain enough personnel with the skills and experience necessary to mitigate your worst cyber threats.

By 2021, experts predict we’ll see 3.5 million open cybersecurity positions worldwide, with at least 500,000 of those unfilled jobs in the U.S. alone. That’s more than triple the shortfall that existed just two years ago. Meanwhile, cyber-attacks are growing in scale and impact.

The problem is not merely a talent shortage. There are plenty of people interested in a cybersecurity career. And while companies need people who can be effective immediately, they may not require traditional, let alone advanced, degrees.

Imagine having access to human-led, machine-driven security-as-a-service combined with unmatched speed and scalability to steer your organization through the next cyber attack. We’ll show you how to get just that during the Threat Hunt Tour.

Organizations are slowly coming around to an acceptance of partnerships to meet their cybersecurity mission. Foundational to that acceptance are these beliefs:

  1. Cybersecurity has become too specialized, technologically complex and labor intensive to manage only in-house
  2. Digital transformation is making these partnerships a viable option even for something as consequential as company security.

CYDERES is this new breed of partner — neither a conventional outsourcing firm nor a pure consultancy. Instead, CYDERES experts offer security-as-a-service and bring unrivaled Chronicle expertise to enhance your security operations.

We’ll be talking about that and more during the Threat Hunt Tour that is running through early November.

It’s time to prey on your threats – instead of letting them undercut your vision and goals for the future.

Attendees will leave the tour with a FREE demo environment of Chronicle, the security telemetry platform that will give you unmatched speed and unequaled scalability when analyzing massive amounts of data to hunt the threats to your organization.

Learn how to search through petabytes of security telemetry in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost of traditional SIEM providers.

Join us on the tour to learn how CYDERES brings unrivaled Chronicle expertise to enhance your security operations through human-led, machine-driven security-as-a-service. CYDERES is the seasoned expert you need to help your team fully realize the game-changing capabilities of Chronicle.


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