The theme for the second full week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month has been “Securing Devices at Home and Work” which has taken on such an unprecedented importance in 2020. We recently caught up with Fishtech Group’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dan Thormodsgaard to ask him a few questions on the state of cybersecurity after a tumultuous year. We go further into how he sees our industry adapting to what’s to come in 2021 and beyond and how it all relates organizations securing home and work devices. Along the way, we hit on newly-emerging hot topics in our industry like ZTNA, SASE, and Infrastructure-as-Code, and dive into Fishtech practice areas like CRC and IAM. Without further delay, here is our interview with Dan Thormodsgaard.

Is ZTNA Just Another Buzzword?

Is ZTNA just another buzzword? We don’t think so. Zero Trust Network Access can bring a lot of added security to your access controls as you move away from IP-based access controls to more application- and identity-based access controls.


What is SASE?

SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, encompasses not only ZTNA, but the security stack as well. Dan elaborates on another recent hot topic in our industry.


Accelerate Your Business with Cyber Risk & Compliance

Cyber Risk and Compliance, or CRC, is a Fishtech practice that is based around helping you meet your compliance objectives that can ultimately win you new contracts, thus accelerating your business, while simultaneously working to keep you more secure.


The Power of Infrastructure-as-Code

Infrastructure-as-Code is the future of the modern enterprise. With the mass adoption of the cloud, Infrastructure-as-Code will become important to achieve efficiencies in your business to allow you to thrive in ways that were not possible in data-center-centric environments.


Identity & Access Management Priorities for 2021 & Beyond

Earlier this year, as remote work started to accelerate, access management was a primary focus for many organizations, but what should IAM priorities look like for 2021 and beyond? Dan talks about the four pillars of IAM and explains where we should go from here.


Best Practices for Insider Threat Visibility

There are many factors at play when you start talking about successful insider threat programs. It is important to have a great foundational layer of controls from many other practice areas to set your organization up for success. Dan explains some best practices for getting these controls up and running to make sure you are able to more easily and successfully implement an insider threat program for your business.


Biggest Cyber Challenge of 2020

2020 showed a lot of cracks in many organizations with regard to business continuity and their abilities to adequately adjust to work from home environments. Dan talks about a couple specific examples he saw in 2020 of how organizations adjusted to the unpredictability of this year, and why cloud adoption is so important.


The Importance of Validating Technology

Fishtech has built out a state of the art lab, not only for cloud-based environments, but for on-premise environments as well. Dan talks about our philosophy on validating technology and the steps we take to make sure we’re providing the right solution the first time.


Building a Flexible Cloud Architecture

Fishtech was lucky to be able to start from the ground up five years ago with decades of experience in our back pocket to create a flexible cloud environment that we could proudly show as a model for our customers of how to operate in a native cloud environment. Dan talks about how this was a huge help during the unpredictability of 2020.


Up-and-Coming Technologies

To round out our interview with Dan Thormodsgaard, we’re talking about the up-and-coming technologies that are getting his attention, most notably surrounding SASE.


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