CYDERES, Fishtech Group’s Security-as-a-Service division, has been tapped as one of Google Cloud Security’s initial partners worldwide trained and licensed to deliver managed detection and response services for its new Chronicle platform. This partnership offers clients unmatched capabilities for threat hunting, incident investigation, and ultimately detection and response.

What is Backstory?
Announced during this week’s RSA conference, Chronicle is a global platform designed to help enterprise customers analyze the massive amounts of security telemetry they generate every year. Chronicle is an Alphabet business dedicated to cybersecurity that has been in stealth mode since February 2016.

“Together, CYDERES and Chronicle provide clients with unmatched capabilities for threat hunting and incident investigation,” said Eric Foster, COO of Fishtech’s CYDERES.

“Our customers can access this new platform in one of two ways. First, CYDERES can overlay our award-winning incident response and investigation capabilities to a customer’s own use of Chronicle, or overlaid plus the Chronicle platform delivered as a fully managed service.

“Second, Chronicle plugs directly and complementarily as a component of the CYDERES Cyber Defense Platform, along with leading detection technology like Perch Security for network traffic analysis and Thinkst Canaries for deception.  Chronicle plus the CYDERES Cyber Defense Platform takes our managed detection and response service to the next level – letting CYDERES analyze and act on the massive amounts of security telemetry our enterprise customers generate every year. The Chronicle platform yields a much bigger window – a full year of data that’s searchable in realtime delivered in a solution that’s exceptionally cost-effective.”

What makes CYDERES unique?
is a human-led, machine-driven Security-as-a-Service solution including Managed Detection and Response. Powered by Fishtech’s purpose-built, proprietary, cloud platform, CYDERES supplies organizations with people, process, and technology “as a Service” to manage risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real-time.

“Like Chronicle, CYDERES was built to address systemic industry challenges, including a lack of skilled security resources, a shortcoming of cohesion between point products, and escalating security breaches,” said Fishtech CEO and Founder Gary Fish. “We’re honored and excited to begin immediately.”

“We enable security teams to focus on delivering value to the business instead of chasing events,” said Foster. “Partnering with Chronicle furthers our mission of making the internet safer for everyone and enabling organizations to fulfill their mission.”