Cybersecurity firm’s capabilities include UBA and Public Safety and Security

Kansas City, MO (July 13, 2018) — Fishtech Group (FTG) has completed its acquisition of Haystax (previously Haystax Technology), an advanced security analytics and risk management solutions provider, as a wholly owned entity under the FTG umbrella. The acquisition extends the cybersecurity firm’s capabilities in new markets including User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Public Safety and Security. Fishtech is investing heavily in taking the new venture to market in the commercial enterprise space.

Announced in May, the acquisition solidifies the cybersecurity solutions firm’s relationship with Haystax, which had been a Fishtech Venture Group partner since 2016.

The new entity furthers Fishtech’s mission of data-driven security solutions while extending Haystax’s customer reach beyond its roots in homeland security and public safety. Gary Fish, CEO and Founder of Fishtech, serves as CEO and Pete Shah will be Chief Operations Officer. Haystax will retain its base in McLean, Virginia.

“This is a 1+1=3 scenario in that our combined capabilities are so far beyond what either entity could accomplish alone,” said Fish. “We’re expanding the sales force and the brand message to a national scale. We’re already gaining traction into enterprise accounts nationally.”

Haystax’s Constellation analytics platform flexes to and delivers a wide array of advanced security analytics and risk management solutions that enable rapid understanding and response to virtually any type of cyber or physical threats. Based on a patented model-driven approach that applies multiple artificial intelligence techniques, it reasons like a team of expert analysts to detect complex threats and prioritize risks in real time at scale for more effective protection of critical systems, data, facilities and people.

“The Constellation platform has proven itself to be a versatile and effective platform for insider threat, security operation center (SOC) automation, and public safety,” said Fish. “We look forward to working closely with the Haystax team to further enhance those capabilities and develop other applications for its use.”

About Haystax

Founded in 2012, Haystax is a leading security analytics platform provider based in McLean, Virginia.

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