Please review the following items to make sure you are aligned with our company brand and messaging. Thank you!

EMAIL SIGNATURES: Don’t worry, this should take no more than 5-10 minutes and involves no code knowledge on your part. Please review this guide and follow the steps to implement your new signature. Do this once, and you are done! Any questions please email

LINKEDIN COMPANY LANGUAGE: On your personal Linkedin page, there’s an “Experience” section with your current role at Fishtech. Click the “Pencil” next to your information and update the company “Description” to read the following:

Fishtech is the #1 cloud native security-as-a-service solutions provider enabling secure and successful business transformation. We identify gaps and solutions to help organizations minimize risk, maintain compliance, and increase efficiency. Fishtech Group includes the security-as-a-service division CYDERES and the security analytics firm Haystax of McLean, VA.

YOUR LINKEDIN TITLE: Please review the current “title” you have listed on your profile to make sure it is precisely accurate to your actual title at FTG. If you are an Account Executive your title should be exactly “Account Executive” without any additional or alternate language before or after. If you have questions about what your title is please ask your supervisor. Lastly, the company name should read “Fishtech Group” not Fishtech, FishTech, Fishtech Labs, or Fish Tech.