What’s new with Gary Fish: KC Business Journal

Has it been a year already? Gary Fish recently talked with the Kansas City Business Journal about the news at Fishtech Group. And there was a lot to catch up on: hiring a new CISO most recently with Walmart, opening the Cyber Defense Center, and announcing a once-in-a-lifetime partnership that is driving serious growth.

“We’ve just seen an enormous uptick in opportunities since we started working with Chronicle,” Fish said of the Alphabet subsidiary.

CYDERES, Fishtech’s Security-as-a-Service division, has been tapped as one of Chronicle’s initial partners worldwide trained and licensed to deliver managed detection and response services for its new Backstory platform. This partnership enables Fishtech to offer its clients unmatched capabilities for threat hunting, incident investigation, and ultimately detection and response.

From the KC Business Journal:
The Kansas City cybersecurity services provider and tech accelerator is one of only four companies Google Chronicle tapped as initial partners to be trained and licensed to deliver managed detection and response services for their new Chronicle security telemetry platform.

Fishtech also is integrating Chronicle’s technology into its Enterprise Managed Detection and Response platform, making it a “game-changer” in how Fishtech can deliver those services to clients. Chronicle’s platform makes it cheaper to store vast amounts of security data, and it offers a robust search engine that can help companies such as Fishtech quickly and easily search the data for potential security threats. That’s key because time is of the essence in those situations, he said.

“We’re really excited to be on the ground floor with these guys,” Fish said. “It’s a big boost to our business.”

A year ago, Fishtech launched a Cyber Defense and Response (CYDERES) security-as-a-service division, which saw revenue rise 431 percent during this year’s first quarter, Fish said. Overall company growth during the same quarter was 198 percent. Fish expects to end 2019 with overall revenue between $130 million and $150 million.

Fishtech’s growth is bolstered by a hot cybersecurity market, its push for top-notch hires, and the team’s past experience and industry reputation. It allows Fishtech to immediately build trust with prospective clients, Fish said.

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In April 2019, Gary Fish was named to the KCBJ’s Power 100 in the Entrepreneur category for the fifth year in a row.

From the KC Business Journal:

“Gary Fish appreciates challenges. How else do you explain someone who has been driven for years to build businesses in the ever-changing tech security field? Fish already had built — and sold — FishNet Security and FireMon by the time he founded Fishtech Group.”

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Solving for X: Fixing the Cybersecurity Pipeline

Part 1 of a series

You’ve seen the startling numbers. By 2021, experts predict we’ll see 3.5 million open cybersecurity positions worldwide, with at least 500,000 of those unfilled jobs in the U.S. alone. That’s more than triple the shortfall that existed just two years ago.

Meanwhile cyber-attacks are growing in scale and impact.

What’s an industry to do? Clearly, fixing the cybersecurity pipeline is an imperative, and it won’t be a simple fix.

In this blog series, we’ll examine this multifaceted issue from several angles: internships and training, making a great (and sometimes unconventional) hire, and how to even get your start in the industry.

But first, the perspective of Gary Fish, a seasoned industry veteran who sees a unique solution: partnerships with full-service cybersecurity providers.

“Whether you’re responsible for managing IT security at a large multinational corporation with facilities spread across the globe or at a startup in Boulder or Beaufort, chances are your cyber defenses don’t measure up to the high standards you set when you took the job.

“I would also bet that the biggest single reason is an inability to hire enough personnel with the skills and experience necessary to mitigate your worst cyber threats. And even if you have beat the odds and assembled your cyber dream team, try retaining them when another company comes along tomorrow promising larger paychecks or more authority.”

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