Fishtech Group was born out of a mission to adapt to the changing cybersecurity landscape. Our Founder and CEO, Gary Fish, previously built the largest cybersecurity solutions provider in North America, but realized today’s cybersecurity challenges are not effectively addressed by those legacy solutions. Thus, Fishtech Group was born.

Data-driven and born in the cloud, Fishtech provides the people, process, and technology to minimize risk, maintain compliance, and increase business efficiency. Our cloud-focused solutions gave way to Fishtech CYDERES, our Security-as-a-Service division, which was created to be an answer to the aforementioned unaddressed challenges brought forth by legacy SIEM solutions, and a direct answer to outdated MSSP models.

Gartner has said that Security-as-a-Service is growing by 16.9% yearly, and solutions like CYDERES that are continuing to improve and drive innovation in the managed security space are a big reason why this segment of the cybersecurity industry is seeing incredible growth.

Let’s look a bit more into this growing space, and how MSSPs, and broader Security-as-a-Service offerings, have grown from being business hindrances to businesses accelerators.

Making MSSPs Better

It’s no secret that MSSPs have a bad reputation. Traditionally with managed services, other people are taking over the control of your data, and don’t always give you visibility into your own information. You’re locked-out of your data, and locked-in to legacy tools.

This has led people to think of MSSP as its own 4 letter “bad” word, regardless of the obvious benefits that MSSPs deliver. Luckily, with the help of CYDERES, this attitude is starting to shift, as more and more organizations are seeing that with the right infrastructure, tools, and personnel, MSSPs can actually be everything they should be, without the flaws of yesteryear. With forward thinking organizations like Fishtech CYDERES, the days of MSSPs as nebulous “alert factories” are beginning to wane.

Here are five competitive advantages that are arising as companies like CYDERES are beginning to reimagine MSSPs for the modern era.

#1 Mitigating Problems Around Frankenstein Tech Stacks of Unvalidated Product Purchases that Become Shelf Ware

It can be easy to get caught up in the hype when hearing about the benefits of all of the various cybersecurity products out on the market. Maybe buying a variety of these products will add up to a net positive? Unfortunately, this is not the case and can lead to overall higher costs and create unforeseen vulnerabilities through this patchwork approach to cybersecurity.

MSSPs like CYDERES already have approaches that are well-tested and well-integrated to make sure there isn’t any dead weight within the tech stack. This leads to better efficiencies, and a more powerful platform that is ready to handle the rigor of the modern cybersecurity threat landscape.

#2 Circumnavigating Costs of Building your Own Security Operations

Organizations have a lot of costs associated with doing business. Trying to add security on top of everything else can seem like an impossible task, especially when trying to go full steam ahead on building out an internal Security Operations Center.

MSSPs like CYDERES are focused on security as a core competency and put the funds forward to accommodate world class talent. Check out our Cyber Defense Center that houses our CYDERES team. We’ve received messages online from folks who have seen the images inside our in-house SOC and have said it looks fake. We assure you, it’s real. It’s just part of our commitment to our professionals that are on the frontlines protecting organizations like yours.

Rather than fighting to find the funds to build out your own SOC, why not leverage facilities that are already tailor made for organizations like yours to fight your everyday threats?

#3 Access to World Class Talent

Speaking of world class talent, the cybersecurity industry is facing a talent shortage which is making it extremely difficult for organizations to attract and retain quality employees. This can be a drain on your organization, as you can become so focused on regular onboarding and offboarding that you surely won’t be making enough progress on building out your security program to adequately protect your organization.

CYDERES can provide the resources to retain the best of the best cybersecurity professionals to add stability and peace of mind for their customers. With Security-as-a-Service, you know you’re getting a quality team with plenty of experience working together, and you’re able to leave HR woes in the past.

#4 Automating and Orchestrating Your Security Programs Increases Efficiency

A big part operating a security program in-house is needing to manage the ins-and-outs of the operation at large. This can also become a huge drain, as you are trying to manage your daily operations, along with the goings-on of your security team at large. Working with an MSSP allows for greater opportunities for automation and orchestration, which can be an enticing prospect for companies looking to streamline cybersecurity within their operations.

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the ever-changing demands of compliance regulations, a sprawling remote workforce, cost-efficient cloud architecture expansion, and much more. Whatever area of your cyber program you are looking to mature, Security-as-a-Service can help you realize cost savings, while minimizing risk and automating predictable outcomes.

#5 Returning the Focus to Growing Your Business, Not Just Managing Your Threats

Relating to the above point, when you’re working with an MSSP, you’re handing over the reins of your cybersecurity program over to the experts so you can focus on what you do best… Growing your business.

Why spread yourself thin? MSSPs like CYDERES easily integrate into your business operations to act as a seamless layer of protection for your organization, without the need to fully manage your security processes. You know your business better than anyone. Gain peace of mind that top teams are on the job while you free yourself from unnecessary distractions that take away from your core focus.

Security-as-a-Service is a Competitive Advantage

With the above points, you can start to get a glimpse into how managed security and Security-as-a-Service offerings can be a boon for your business. Your competitors may be in a position where they are stuck renewing their franken-tech stacks year after year as malicious actors refine their approaches faster than they can respond.

Leading large enterprises are augmenting their security operations with managed security and Security-as-a-Service offerings to allow for more efficient use of time, and more peace of mind. Are you ready to have a conversation about how our Security-as-a-Service offerings can give your organization that clear competitive advantage? Fill out the form below to be connected with one of our experts to see which of our offerings are right for you.