Interview with Eric Foster, President of CYDERES – KC Business Journal

Covid-19 builds demand for Fishtech Security-as-a-Service

The remote workforce wave of 2020 pushed cybersecurity to the top of many organizations’ lists of priorities. 2020 also ushered in economic uncertainty that led many companies to reduce spending or hold off on projects, including bolstering security.

Navigating both these forces, CYDERES prospered. As it served new clients across all verticals, the security-as-a-service division of Fishtech Group tripled revenue growth for a third consecutive year.

“There’s no question that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation for a lot of companies,” said Eric Foster, president of CYDERES. “It pushed a lot of people to work remotely, and that brings significant new challenges, not just for information technology but especially for information security.”

Recently, Foster spoke about CYDERES’s growth with Leslie Collins, Tech Reporter with the Kansas City Business Journal. Read the full article here. (subscription required)

In many ways, Foster said, Fishtech Group grew this past year despite the pandemic and not because of it.

“Most of our competitors were not prepared for the shift to the cloud, whereas we were the other way. We intentionally built our solution to be cloud-first and to be cloud-native,” Foster said.

Location no longer matters for remote employees who benefit from the same security protections as those in the physical office. The huge shift to remote workforce increased demand for CYDERES’s cloud-first and cloud-native solution. Fishtech Group employs about 202 people and plans to add 50 to 60 CYDERES employees this year.

Other recent significant developments at CYDERES: