Escalating risk + legacy programs – security talent = the nightmare many organizations are currently experiencing.

There is a path forward. As organizations continue to move towards automating and operationalizing their security programs, managed security outcomes are enabling businesses to return focus to growth and customer satisfaction. Traditional hindrances of MSSP’s are in the past when you can leverage the speed to value, cost-efficiency, and full visibility that comes with CYDERES 24/7 security-as-a-service.

With our strategic partner Google Cloud’s recent announcements around Autonomic Security, the path to modernizing your security programs is clearer than ever. On their recent earnings call, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently highlighted GC’s security offerings (incl. Chronicle) as their “strongest product portfolio” empowering their incredible growth.

CYDERES is proud to be one of Google Cloud Chronicle’s founding partners and preferred MSSP partners to deliver this solution.

How exactly is CYDERES and our proprietary Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP) able to build on Google Chronicle’s success to accelerate SOC and SIEM transformation?

Learn more from CYDERES VP Will Aune as he unpacks key features and use-cases that are winning for our clients.

What is CNAP?

The CYDERES Cloud Native Analytics Platform, or CNAP, is the perfect compliment to security teams that are prepared to monitor and respond to their own alerts. Will gives a quick into CNAP and highlights what CNAP can bring to the table.


What are the Benefits of CNAP?

People, process, and technology. Get a quick look at how each of these play into how we deliver value to your organization through our Cloud Native Analytics Platform.


What’s the Difference Between CNAP, GSOC, and EMDR?

CNAP, GSOC, and EMDR are three different tiers of our broader detection and response offerings. Each offering corresponds with differing levels of how involved our team is in the response to detected threats. Listen in as Will breaks each one down.


The Challenges of Traditional SIEM

Traditional SIEM offerings come with a lot of baggage, and there are many challenges associated with these legacy solutions. Will talks about a few of the challenges of traditional SIEM, and how our solutions help address these obstacles.


Our Advantages Over Traditional SIEM

Will dives deeper into a few of our advantages over traditional SIEM offerings, and how our partnership with Google Cloud Chronicle enables our customers to easily overcome past struggles to adequately protect their business in the cloud era.


What is CSOC?

One of our fast-growing add-on services is our Cloud Security offering, or our Cloud SOC. Will gets into this offering and how it can bolster your overall security by supplementing your program with a dedicated team focusing on the cloud.


Benefits of a SIRT Retainer

Our Security Incident Response Team is not only world class in their professional capabilities, but also provides additional value with our Use It Don’t Lose It policy. If our SIRT services are not utilized during the term of the retainer, we will reach out to see how the funds could best be utilized with our other service offerings across the Fishtech Group organization.



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