Why has our first focus in 2020 been on real solutions? Because that is our constant focus. 2019 was a huge year of growth for us at Fishtech Group, and that was due, in part, to one very big reason: We ignored the hype that has become so common in our industry.

New solutions pop up all the time (especially during RSA season), competing for your attention, with flashy buzzwords to overcompensate for the fact that these solutions may not be as game-changing as they are promoted to be.

This is a constant challenge for many modern enterprises and makes it very difficult to know which direction to go when their singular focus is securing their business.

The good news? That’s our goal for you too. We don’t advocate for the flashiest solutions. We advocate for the solutions that have a track record of success. With industry experience that goes back to the 90s, we know a successful solution when we see one!

We are now on our third blog post in our series advocating for our focus on Real Solutions in 2020. Last week, we took a deeper dive on how CYDERES helped one of our clients address a growing alert-factory from a sprawl of disconnected tools, and gave them peace of mind while they navigated the turbulent waters of acquisitions and mergers.

This week, we’re looking at a recent client who needed help finding the cloud security gaps in a branch of their business and needed outside help to identify these gaps and recommend actionable solutions to help them move forward toward security maturity. Let’s look a bit deeper on some of the pain points they came to us with.

A Few Pain Points…

A few of the challenges this customer was looking to address included:

  • Needing to protect publicly accessible API services/SIEM.
  • Looking to add security/IT assistance for a new multinational branch that is in a surrounding area lacking talent.
  • Looking for a security architect to join their staff for projects requiring more than one full year.
  • Needing an overall assessment for further recommended actions to improve overall security architecture.

After reviewing the pain points of this particular customer, we began a program of cloud architecture analysis to identify what they were lacking, and what further recommendations we had to address their needs.

How Did We Get It Done?

Taking a listen-first approach, we were ready to spend as much time as necessary to understand the client’s needs and then to give an accurate assessment to the client. We had extensive conversations that clearly explained the process of delivery and execution for this project. We had two consultants involved with two weeks onsite, and a few weeks offsite as well.

This client was looking to hire a security professional to take overall ownership of their security program but currently had no dedicated security resources. Knowing this, we performed our assessment with solutions in mind for a business that is still in transition.

Once completed, the assessment included recommendations for a number of technology products to fill the identified gaps. This client has limited internal resources to deploy and support additional security technology. Therefore, they needed to look to external services for the operational aspects of security like monitoring, auditing, and incident response, which we informed them of.

On top of all of this, we had to make sure each of the technology products were sufficiently validated to work alongside their existing stack, and optimized to function as required. Our constant aim is to deliver the right solution, the first time – shelfware is never a good solution.

Real Solution: Cloud Services Architecture Analysis

All of this led to presenting this client with a custom roadmap to give them actionable steps they would need to take to reach their overall security goals and KPI objectives.

We don’t just look at addressing present issues. We supply a strategic plan for future actions as well as the potential risks the organization will face as it scales.

We know that improving organizational security is a journey. Like with any journey, a map is incredibly helpful. Our experts have experience with organizations across the maturity spectrum, and therefore serve as incredible guides for navigating the digital topography that lays out in front of them.

Don’t know where to start? It can often feel overwhelming, but that’s what we’re here for.

If you are ready for your own cloud services architecture analysis to start your path to security maturity (and peace of mind!) in your organization, fill out the form below to get connected with one of our experts, and see for yourself how our Real Solutions in 2020 can help you grow your business in a real way.