Hype. A persuasive tool OVERUSED by industries of all persuasions. Just because something is talked about excessively doesn’t make it good, or right.

2020 has already been a particularly hyped up year with everything surrounding COVID-19. And that’s not even getting into the hype train in our own industry that chugs on in even the most uneventful of times.

Unfortunately, the field of cybersecurity solutions is RIFE with hype.

This makes life difficult for organizations looking to find the right solution set to elevate their cybersecurity maturity. Weathering the waves of hype that inevitably come year after year is a challenge, one that we seek to conquer to create trusted relationships with our customers.

Our constant focus: real solutions. What is working for our customers? Let’s double down on that. We’re continuing a blog series that aims to highlight real solutions that are working for our customers, and we’re continuing that with today’s focus on one solution that continues to deliver: CYDERES.

We recently worked with a small business client in the health care industry that saw real value with CYDERES and utilized their flagship offering: Enterprise Managed Detection & Response.

Let’s take a closer look at what this organization was facing, and what led to this decision.

A Couple Pain Points…

A couple of the challenges this customer was looking to address included:

  • A lack of visibility and understanding of their attack vectors/vulnerabilities, with no partner to help manage, monitor, and remediate.
  • A growing alert-factory from a sprawl of disconnected tools.
  • Fast growth through acquisitions and mergers that exacerbated these issues and concerns.

Furthermore, prior to this client’s engagement with Fishtech, they were unaware of the security issues of the companies with whom they were merging, so their potential for breach was magnified.

Challenges like these are not uncommon in the modern business landscape and are challenges that CYDERES is tailored for. For these specific pain points, it was a no-brainer that our Enterprise Managed Detection & Response was the way to go.

Going with this option allowed this client to have full visibility of their vulnerabilities with experts from the CYDERES team ready and able to help give them any additional information that gave them more insights into their current security situations.

What Are the Other Solution Offerings of CYDERES?

CYDERES has a full set of solutions that are set-up for organizations all over the security maturity spectrum. Let’s take a quick look at the list of the various solutions that CYDERES provides:

  • EMDR: Enterprise Managed Detection & Response
  • GSOC: Global Security Operations Center
  • CLOUD: Cloud Governance-as-a-Service
  • SIRT: Security Incident Response Team
  • THREAT: Red Team-as-a-Service
  • CH/ES: Chronicle Essentials

Having these options available allows businesses to have flexibility once they enter into the CYDERES ecosystem to add or subtract services as necessary to meet the exact needs or their organizations.

For a small business to see the value in scaling their business with 24-7 managed detection and response put in during the early days of growth is a great strategy. Unfortunately, we encounter too many large organizations who failed to put solutions like this into place earlier and are suffering the consequences at a much larger scale.

The ripple effect of putting such a high value on securing intellectual property and customer data while a small business will help this company put more resources into growing their business, instead of sacrificing huge costs of recovering from a breach down the road.

In this particular case study, the client was already looking for help managing, monitoring, and remediating their threats. This was especially due to the rapid changes they were continuing to see with their acquisitions and mergers.

Having a third party to detect and remediate issues 24/7 gave them the peace of mind they were looking for as they focused their own resources on navigating their ever-changing organizational landscape. The ability to get real time insight into their security issues, some of which were grandfathered in to their organization once they had been acquired has been a huge benefit.

How Did We Get to the Right Solution the First Time?

We’re very aware that cybersecurity solutions are big decisions for organizations in every industry.

Any time potential clients are able, we invite them to come to our Cyber Defense Center in Kansas City to our state of the art SOC (or in these current times of coronavirus, have them take our virtual tour) and learn first-hand how potential security incidents are handled in real-time.

In this particular case, the client was brought in 6 months before the ink dried on the contract to see our facilities and talk with CYDERES professionals so that we could get a better idea of what their pain points were, and how we can help.

In learning about some of the specifics of this client’s environment, we made sure a roadmap was drawn out on what would happen when acquisitions took place, and how we would be able to engage with that change in a flexible way.

This is a huge reason CYDERES continues to win in the marketplace. We place a huge an emphasis on scalability with a roadmap to maturity as the business grows.

In fact, we have found so much success with our initial implementation of EMDR for this client, that they have engaged us to start scoping a DevOps project for them as well. Talk about a Real Solution that keeps customers coming back for more.

Real Solution: CYDERES

Even without having read through this blog post, you may have heard us talk about CYDERES a time or two. We continue to highlight CYDERES on our blog because customers are not only coming to us to improve upon their current cybersecurity solutions, but as we just mentioned, they are actually EXPANDING their usage of the CYDERES solutions.

This had led to an incredibly strong second full year of operations with 1,214% growth in year-over-year (YOY) in bookings and 960% YOY growth in gross profit. Those kinds of numbers don’t happen when a solution isn’t working.

So, let us make it work for YOU. This successful case study isn’t an isolated incident. We’re making CYDERES work for customers across the country, and we’re improving with each successful implementation.

If you’re interested in seeing real solutions with CYDERES, fill out the form below to talk with one of our professionals, so that you can start to truly focus on your business while we handle your threats.