Whether you are just getting started building out your cybersecurity practice, or simply refining your maturity to secure your future, the flexibility of CYDERES 24-7 Security-as-a-Service has an offering for everyone, and is adaptable to businesses across the security maturity spectrum. These services range from the very niche all the way up to fully managed 24/7 protection. Let’s take another quick look at their current offerings:

  • EMDR: Enterprise Managed Detection & Response
  • GSOC: Global Security Operations Center
  • CNAP: Cloud Native Analytics Platform
  • ADD-ONS:
    • CLOUD: Cloud Governance as a Service
    • SIRT: Security Incident Response Team
    • THREAT: Red Team as a Service

Today we want to go a bit deeper on one of these offerings that is delivering a ton of value to organizations looking for something more than their average penetration test: Red Team as a Service.

Red Team as a Service: The Next Level

Red Team Services through CYDERES provide objective assurance that your environment is secure – we are not looking to check a box and deliver a canned report like most pen-tests do.

Our penetration testing is designed to identify and validate vulnerabilities, exploit discovered gaps in the cyber and information security posture to establish a beachhead, and emulate real-world attacks against your infrastructure.

Our Red Team Professionals devote the time and attention required to achieve defined goals and “capture the flag.” Uniquely, we are 100% U.S. Citizens conducting our operations from U.S. soil with decades of industry experience in red team activities.

Final deliverables include an executive summary, an attack summary that reads like a storybook – telling you what we did, where we went, and how we got there. Recommendations regarding remediation for any discovered or created gaps in the organizations information security posture are also provided.

Domain Admin isn’t the end: CYDERES will work with your team to define objectives that show if an adversary can reach the most sensitive sections of your network.

CYDERES will even provide customization of proof of concept code for exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities in your environment.

Think your security controls are up to the task of keeping us out? CYDERES Red Team professionals regularly deploy custom malware specifically tailored to your environment to stress test your security tools and skip right past most AV/EDR solutions.

In an effort to align the assessment with real-world attacks CYDERES Red Team Professionals will leverage known password leaks, perform brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, hybrid password cracking and phish users with MFA support.

Our Red Team professionals take real-world tactics a step further by exploiting discovered gaps in WiFi deployments, testing Enterprise security for exploitable vulnerabilities and deploying leave-behinds on insecure network drops.

Lastly, our Red Team as a Service comes with “packs” of penetration tests bundled in a timeframe that makes sense to your organization’s size and ability to remediate, whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually.

Conducting more frequent vulnerability tests arms your organization to protect against malicious attackers, but too frequently can also bloat your spend before remediation efforts are even accomplished from the previous round.

With Red Team as a Service, you are getting industry-leading professionals working with you to understand your architecture, your goals, and your adversaries to develop a real-world plan of attack that works with you as you scale your organization.

Penetration testing is critical for all organizations – but too often companies waste money with “run-of-the-mill” testing that yields unhelpful reports from distant third-parties.

Red Team as a Service works alongside you to meet your objectives and grow securely.

Next Steps as Your Organization Grows

Red Team as a Service is a great way to get started with CYDERES services to find your vulnerabilities and discover next steps to improve the security posture of your organization. Once you are integrated into the CYDERES ecosystem, we will help you leverage additional services that make sense as you continue to scale your organization, all the way up to 24-7 Enterprise Managed Detection & Response.

If you are interested in learning more about Red Team as a Service, or any of the other services that CYDERES offers, fill out the form below, and we will connect you with one of our experts so that you can focus on your business while we handle your threats.