Like many of you, we are continuously monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and want to assure you that our primary focus is always the health and safety of our community, customers, and staff. As we continue to monitor the CDC’s guidance, our thoughts are with those personally affected by this virus and their families.

We remain vigilant to guard the integrity and security of the data, architecture, and systems you’ve placed on our watch 24/7/365 so that you can maintain focus on your business and the care of your own families and staff.

All of Fishtech Group’s divisions operate from a zero-trust architecture, meaning that all of our security controls exist at the user, application and data layers. We do not place any trust in the network layer, and this allows to continue operations uninterrupted.

Our mission remains helping organizations minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and maintain compliance in an increasingly turbulent world, and therefore we have strong disaster recovery and business continuity plans for our own organization. Fishtech was purpose-built to act as a reliable partner for companies in crisis and with every customer interaction we continuously refine protocols to serve you better.

Fishtech Group teams throughout the country are flexible, informed, layered, and able to collaborate to assist you from any location. We are accustomed to virtual work situations and are well equipped to help you with any challenges you may face with your own teams.

With the safety of your staff and ours in mind, we have limited our domestic travel and have shifted our live events to webcasts only. In addition, we are taking increased precautions at each of physical locations in Kansas City, MO, Northwest Arkansas, and McLean, VA in addition to emphasizing our existing policies. These include optional work from home for all employees, with a requirement to do so for those who feel ill or have been exposed in any way.

Thank you for your loyalty and reliance on all of us at Fishtech Group. Please reach out to us directly with any questions and let us know how we can continue to honor the trust you have placed in us. Our unwavering commitment is to serve you and your business throughout this difficult time and beyond.

To a secure future,
Fishtech Group