The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused disruption across many industries, and we are watching both the economic effects, and broader business and societal effects as the crisis continues to unfold. As always, please visit the CDC website to learn more from experts much more qualified than us to talk about the specifics of this outbreak from a personal health standpoint.

Beyond the crucial health implications, many businesses are struggling to grasp how exactly to manage a large mobile workforce from a cybersecurity perspective. Can existing infrastructure handle that load? Are proper identity and access management controls in place? This is the time when many cyber strategies (or lack thereof) and spending come into question.

The fact is, this crisis is creating a unique disturbance for many businesses we serve and has been a stronger case than ever for something we feel very passionately about: Digital Transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the fundamental shift in the way an organization operates. It is an integration of digital technology into every facet of a business, which creates a foundational change in its day-to-day functioning. This includes the digitization of your informational assets, implementing the use of technology for communication and customer interaction, and of course, securing this new digital perimeter.

So, what does this have to do with the Coronavirus?

It is imperative in uncertain times like these to put the safety of citizens and most certainly employees above all else. In this particular case, we’re seeing self-quarantines, and extended periods of sickness, but there can be any number of events that could cause your everyday work and routine to get interrupted. The future is uncertain. These events can be a huge disruption for many businesses, and can lead to lost productivity, and a huge slowdown in overall activity for your organization.

This is an opportunity to highlight how important it is to adapt when unexpected factors change the way you normally do business. The biggest shift in the overall business landscape in recent years has been the adoption of the cloud, or various cloud architectures including public, private, and hybrid models.

What Does The Cloud Look Like For Your Business?

There are many ways that digital transformation and cloud adoption can help your organization navigate times of uncertainty, and even operate more efficiently when times are good. Let’s look at a couple examples:

Video Conferencing

We have seen cases of self-quarantine in the current timeline of the Coronavirus, and employees get sick with or without newsworthy outbreaks. Cloud video conferencing allows employees to continue to connect with one another when they are unable to make it in the office in-person and create safer environments for everyone when there is significant disruption to daily life.

This becomes even more important when you are still needing to interface with clients and may be affected by travel restrictions, as we’re seeing right now. Video conferencing is an integral part of the cloud ecosystem of the modern enterprise.

Cloud Storage

There is more to business than just meetings (believe it or not!) Operating in the cloud allows organizations to store their data and allows employees to have access any applicable assets for their jobs, even while they are remote. This can be a big productivity booster, as individuals are not tied to their offices, and can work from anywhere when disruption comes calling.

If multiple employees are working on the same project, there is also more opportunities for simultaneous collaboration through cloud storage. If multiple employees are out of the office, they can continue to make progress, even if they aren’t in the same location geographically.


The cloud allows for unprecedented opportunity to grow as you do. You won’t have to worry about a strain on your resources if you have a surprise change in your organization. This is very different from the on-prem options from the days old. The modern business needs to be agile, especially when faced with uncertainty.


With the right partners, digital transformation can be a way to increase your overall security posture while you increase your flexibility. Especially when outside forces look to take advantage of vulnerable parties in newsworthy times, it can be imperative to have your position in place to continue to move forward with confidence in your organization when other factors may be out of your control.

Let Us Make the Case to You

Like you, we are continually monitoring the ongoing crisis, and we again recommend visiting the CDC website for all health-related updates as this situation continues. In the meantime, if you have questions about what the current climate means for your business, or you have questions about how to better utilize the cloud during this unpredictable time, we can help!

Our teams are standing by, ready to assist you with virtual workshops, demos, and assessments to ensure you continue to operate efficiently in this climate. Fishtech Group teams throughout the country are flexible, informed, layered, and able to collaborate to assist you from any location. We are accustomed to virtual work situations, and are well equipped to help you with any challenges you may face with your own teams.

It’s important that we continue running our organizations to add stability to our employees, communities, and countries. We’re ready to help in any way we can. Fill out the form below to get connected with one of our experts, or ask a question that you would like to see us address in the coming weeks. Stay safe, wash your hands, and we will continue to promote messaging to help you through digital transformation during this season and beyond.

To your secure future!