In a couple recent blog posts, we have been focusing on the reasons why organizations are finding it more difficult than ever to justify building a SOC, or, a Security Operations Center, in-house.  Though the alternative of using an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) can be a frustrating experience, there are very few organizations that can defend building a SOC in-house.

To help bridge the gap between these two solutions, and to provide a good alternative to an in-house SOC, we wanted to build an operation that is different from other MSSP offerings and effectively do away with all of the negative connotations that come with the territory. That solution is CYDERES, our 24/7 human-led and machine-driven security-as-a-service.

We understand a lot of organizations have invested a lot into building their own SOC, but that there can be many issues that arise as they try to keep up with day-to-day operations for their security teams, while also continuing to lead and focus on the core aspects of their businesses. With CYDERES we can help reduce the headache of any organization looking to start transitioning to fully-managed security.

We previously looked at some of the cost factors that make building an in-house SOC difficult. Today, we’re going to look at another challenge that can present itself when building a SOC in-house, and how CYDERES can be an effective alternative. In this post, we will be looking at why talent is a huge factor as to why organizations struggle to build a SOC in-house.

Talent is Hard to Find

There is a shortage of talent in the field of cybersecurity. This causes problems for organizations trying to build out their cybersecurity programs within their company. By 2021, experts predict we’ll see 3 million open cybersecurity positions worldwide, with at least one quarter of those unfilled jobs in the U.S. alone. That’s more than triple the shortfall that existed just two years ago. Let’s keep that statistic in mind as we look to our first point.

It takes a small army to run a Security Operations Center effectively.

At minimum you will need a staff of 16, if not more, according to our experts at CYDERES. You want to make sure every shift will be covered, and that you have enough staff to fill in when your team gets sick or goes on vacation. If every organization wanted to build a SOC in-house, how would they fill all of the necessary positions when there is already a severe talent drought?

Furthermore, with current professionals in high demand, a lot of the best talent in the field is getting snagged by organizations whose core focus is on security, and not operating a SOC on the side. This creates another impediment to anyone trying to build a SOC in-house.

At this point, some of you may be feeling like we’re writing about your exact situation, while others may already have a full team ready to go, and may be under the impression that they have beaten the illustrious ‘talent shortage’. Well, many organizations may have a crack team on the payroll today, but what happens when someone moves on, or retires? There may be a significant gap in your team as you try to lure another professional who is just a qualified as the person who just left. The talent shortage has far-reaching ramifications, even beyond the immediate future.

The ‘Talent’ to Look Ahead

Cybersecurity is a relatively new field. We are just now exploring what the capabilities and possibilities of this field are. Threats and solutions are continuing to evolve every day, and the security threats of today are not the security threats of tomorrow. This means that security teams need to be constantly devoting some of their resources to learning and looking at what’s on the horizon.

Unfortunately, because a lot of teams are facing a talent shortage, they don’t have enough people to move beyond putting out fires every day. Therefore, a lot of administrators are just focusing on what’s going on today, and aren’t looking forward. This can create huge problems for organizations in the long-term.

It’s vital for the current generation of business leaders to continually look for next generation solutions so that they are prepared for tomorrow’s threats today. In-house resources may not be enough to achieve this goal. Your current team may work for your current needs, but transitioning to a fully managed security-as-a-service provider will allow you to start looking ahead without straining the staff you already have on the payroll.

Using CYDERES Over an In-House SOC

With CYDERES, we can make many of the issues listed above obsolete for your organization, either through augmenting your current SOC, or by gradually transitioning your in-house solution to our fully-managed security-as-a-service offering.

We have put significant focus on attracting and retaining the best talent in the business. We have invested in our facilities to give our professionals a world class space to operate in, and built a great foundation of an awesome team that is our best advertisement we could ask for to attract other professionals of their caliber.

We have dedicated teams for specialized threats, both for the threats of today, and the threats of tomorrow, which brings a lot of value to our customers. We have also created a structure that allows us to adapt to your needs. Maybe you already have a couple of experts already that know a lot about your business. We can work to augment the work of folks that are already ingrained into your corporate structure to allow you to get the best solution for your particular needs.

The best part, in working with CYDERES, you can redeploy your resources elsewhere so you can focus on your business… We’ll handle your threats.

If you are interested in talking with our CYDERES professionals to see how we can help create a better way forward for your organization, fill out the form below, and we will be in touch soon.