SIEM and SOC operations have never been more crucial.

Organizations’ risk landscape is increasing exponentially (ransomware, business email compromise, state actors, just to name a few), exacerbating existing internal challenges of legacy architecture, outdated programs, and an all-around cyber skills shortage even further.

As we’ve said many times, hype and gimmicks, all too often the hallmarks of cybersecurity products will not solve today’s problems. Only real solutions custom-built from a deep understanding of the daily challenges organizations face combined with in-the-trenches know-how should lead the way.

That’s why we are proud to announce the latest customer-value driven upgrades to our Cloud Native Analytics Platform in CNAP 2.0.

First, let’s remember why CNAP was built in the first place from Eric Foster, President of CYDERES.

How CNAP Empowers Google Cloud’s Autonomic Security Operations

Our partner Google Cloud understands the challenges organizations face in modernizing their security operations. Recently, at their first annual Google Cloud Security Summit Series event, they unveiled Autonomic Security Operations, which they define as a combination of philosophies, practices, and tools that improve an organization’s ability to withstand security attacks through an adaptive, agile, and highly automated approach to threat management.

The goal here is to stack your defenses to manage modern threats at Cloud-scale empowering:

Accelerated Transformation

Workshops, technical content, products, integrations, and blueprints designed to help organizations kick-start their modernization journey to a state of autonomic security operations.

Increased Business Agility

Intelligent data fusion, continuous IoC matching, sub-second petabyte-scale queries, and modern YARA-L detection to conduct plaid-speed management of threats at a disruptive cost and massive scale.

Maximized Use-Case Coverage

Hunt for APTs, detect ransomware, investigate network anomalies, identify fraud signals, in-house or with detection and response capabilities of the expert team at CYDERES.

CNAP harnesses the speed and power of Chronicle while layering on vital operational functionality with threat detection rules, dashboards and reporting, investigation and hunt capabilities, ticketing system integrations, and a broad range of custom triage workflows and playbooks that scale across petabytes of customer logs in real-time.

As part of CYDERES CNAP 2.0 launch program, new and existing clients’ UDM parsed security telemetry data in Google Chronicle now leverages industry leading big data analytics tools, BigQuery and Looker, for both pre-built and customized dashboards to easily visualize data ingestion and health, IOC matches, threat detections, authentication events, and much more.

“Security operations in an increasingly digital world, facing ever more sophisticated adversaries, requires a 10X increase in capabilities. Autonomic Security Operations not only powers this improved protection but also sets the stage for ongoing transformation to stay ahead of the threat.”  Phil Venables, Chief Information Security Officer, Google Cloud

Learn more about CNAP 2.0 benefits from Cassandra Varvel, CYDERES Director of Engineering.

To summarize, CNAP 2.0 enables security analytics at hyperscale with:

  • Petabyte-scale detection with sub-second queries in Chronicle.
  • Industry-leading data lake with unlimited ingestion powered by BigQuery.
  • Rich, compelling analytics and pre-built customized dashboards via Looker.
  • Continuous threat intelligence via SOCPrime’s Threat Detection Marketplace.
  • Deep extensibility to a rich ecosystem of integrations.

Taking Steps to Modernize Your Security Operations with CYDERES

As we’ve seen, CNAP 2.0 augments the incredible speed and power of Google Cloud’s Chronicle with the necessary operational layers to truly function as a full-scale SIEM replacement. Similarly, CYDERES security-as-a-service tier of offerings is meant to guide organizations on a journey to full-scale 24/7 visibility, detection, and response. These can either augment your existing SOC program or serve as your primary solution.

Learn more about this tier of offerings from Jeremy Hehl, Vice President of Business Development, CYDERES.

Take a technical deep dive into CNAP 2.0

Join CYDERES and Google Cloud Security experts for a technical deep dive into winning use-cases that are equipping organizations and SOCs globally to give good the advantage and truly empower autonomic security operations, August 31st at 3PM Central.