Since its inception as a modern answer to the issues that have plagued legacy SIEM and MSSPs, CYDERES has been continually recognized as one of the best Managed Security offerings on the market. CYDERES has now added another recognition to its growing list after being added as one of Cyber Defense Magazine’s 2021 Top 100 Managed Security Service Providers.

This adds to CYDERES’ impressive run on many top MSSP lists including:

What is it about CYDERES that makes it a step above other organizations in this space? Our mission with CYDERES was always to address shortcomings of other legacy MSSP and SIEM solutions. We’re continuing to build out our solutions to become the best MSSP on the market that simultaneously does away with the pitfalls of past MSSP offerings, while adding value with a wide array of offerings that will help protect your business from the threats of today.

As our founder Gary Fish has said “CYDERES was built to address systemic industry challenges, including a critical lack of skilled security resources, a general shortcoming of cohesion between various point products, and the continued escalation in pace and scope of security breaches.”

Let’s take a look at some of the developments that have built CYDERES into a widely-recognized top-performing MSSP.

A Look Back at How We Got Here

We opened our Cyber Defense Center in 2019 to house our world-class CYDERES team, attracting talent from across the country to be a part of a game-changing cybersecurity organization. Inside our Cyber Defense Center, you can find our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center.

Our foundation was then set with our partnership with Google Chronicle when we became one of Google Cloud Security’s initial partners worldwide trained and licensed to deliver managed detection and response services for its new Chronicle platform.

The Chronicle platform, coupled with our award-winning Managed Detection and Response offering, continues to provide our clients with unmatched capabilities for threat hunting and incident investigation.

Our offerings expanded with the development of the CYDERES Cloud Native Analytics Platform solution which provides our customers with comprehensive solutions for detection and response of information security threats, and the cost-effective storage and analytics of security data.

The proprietary CNAP platform combines comprehensive threat detection, investigation, and workflow along with reporting for compliance and operations. CNAP is powered by and built on Google Chronicle and is currently being sold through the Google Cloud Marketplace. With CNAP’s ability to combine the best of what legacy SIEM had to offer with the latest features of next gen solutions, “we have completely reimagined and created what a SIEM should have been all along” says Gary Fish.

Recent CYDERES Developments

CYDERES has continued to build off the momentum that has accumulated since the outset of the organization through strategic partnerships, and further development of features and additional services to provide a robust 24/7 Security-as-a-Service offering for any computing platform or environment.

CYDERES has partnered Fishtech Group’s Insider Threat focused company Haystax to offer Insider Threat Monitoring as a Service as a frictionless add-on to the CYDERES Managed Detection and Response solution. The offering growing the CYDERES broad data spectrum for cyber defense and response via the seamless integration of Haystax’s industry-leading Insider Threat Platform.

CYDERES continues to develop other service offering like Red Team as a Service and CYDERES Cloud Security to further add value to customers that are at any place in their journey toward security maturity.

With so many of these pieces coming together in a refined package, and many of our customers seeing success in their partnerships with CYDERES, it’s easy to see why CYDERES has continued to be named as a Top MSSP year after year. Not only that, but CYDERES is changing the conversation around Security as a Service offerings, and making people see the competitive advantages that Security as a Service providers like CYDERES can bring.

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