CYDERES Announces Upgrades to Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP)

Partnership with Google Cloud Continues to Revolutionize SIEM and SOC Landscape

Kansas City, MO (August 23, 2021) — CYDERES, the Security-as-a-Service division of Fishtech Group and a Top 25 MSSP, today announced significant upgrades to its proprietary Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP) with a 2.0 release adding BigQuery and Looker integrations among other customer-value driven enhancements.

CYDERES 24/7/365 security-as-a-service solutions continue to enable organizations to automate and operationalize their security programs to drive unique business outcomes at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

A pre-assembled cybersecurity SaaS offering built on Google Cloud Security’s Chronicle, CNAP has served as an ideal Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service for organizations looking to replace their legacy SIEM or implement Next-Gen Security Analytics, Threat Detection, and Response Capabilities.

CNAP harnesses the speed and power of Chronicle while layering on vital operational functionality with threat detection rules, dashboards and reporting, investigation and hunt capabilities, ticketing system integrations, and a broad range of custom triage workflows and playbooks that scale across petabytes of customer logs in real-time.

As part of CYDERES CNAP 2.0 launch program, new and existing clients’ UDM parsed security telemetry data in Google Chronicle now leverages industry leading big data analytics tools, BigQuery and Looker, for both pre-built and customized dashboards to easily visualize data ingestion and health, IOC matches, threat detections, authentication events, and much more.

Leveraging experience with clients across the vertical landscape, CYDERES expert team has built unique industry-specific dashboards to empower and accelerate data-driven security outcomes so that organizations can regain their focus on overall growth.

“The continued enhancements to CYDERES CNAP truly enable our customers to experience the power of security analytics at hyperscale and efficiency. The enhanced visualizations alongside the ability to perform millisecond queries across 6 months of telemetry with unmetered ingestion is a game-changer for organizations seeking to modernize their detection and response capabilities.”, said Eric Foster, President, CYDERES.

CNAP clients leverage Google Cloud’s full suite of Autonomic Security Operations, an adaptive, agile, and highly automated approach to threat management, but also additional functionality to build machine learning models, parsers, reports, and more. For CYDERES Enterprise Managed Detection and Response customers this also includes a fully dedicated backend ticketing system for the escalation and remediation of alerts.

Google Cloud Chronicle’s partner of the year two years in a row, CYDERES CNAP gives organizations a deeper, richer, and more interactive view of their security data.

About CYDERES and Fishtech

Fishtech Group is the #1 cloud native security-as-a-service solutions provider enabling secure and successful business transformation. Born in the cloud and based in Kansas City, Fishtech Group includes the 24-7 Cyber Defense and Response division CYDERES and security analytics firm Haystax in Mclean, VA.

Contact: Jennie Hanna, 

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Unlocking Continuous Security Intelligence with SOC Prime

24/7 threats require 24/7 diligence.

Not only does that require people, process, and technology to manage cybersecurity risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents, it requires access to the absolute latest in real-time intelligence.

That’s exactly why we’ve partnered with SOC Prime, and their industry-leading Threat Detection Marketplace, the largest SaaS threat detection content platform in the world used by more than 12,000 security practitioners from 6,000-plus companies.

Why waste precious time building queries, rules, parsers, and other threat-detecting content when you can leverage a growing library of over 85,000 queries, rules, parsers, machine learning models, SOC-ready dashboards, and more.

What’s even better is that CYDERES customers receive customized content based on each client’s uniquely generated threat profile from our expert team via our 24/7 Enterprise Managed Detection & Response program.

Learn more of how this impacts our customers from Josh Culotta, Director of Security Operations.


Recently SOC Prime went into great detail to breakdown all the reasons why their program offered the perfect continuous security intelligence solution to complement our 24/7 Security-as-a-Service operation CYDERES.

In short, SOC Prime enables our customers to receive:

  • Delivery of curated and verified detection content along with continuous support
  • Proactive response to the most critical and constantly emerging threats in real-time
  • Continuous threat coverage and content alignment with MITRE ATT&CK® v.9
  • Seamless integration with Chronicle Security powered by Google Cloud and 20+ supported SIEM, EDR, and NTDR security solutions

Many organizations are facing the following challenges:

  • How to Build Custom Behavior-Based SOC Content.
  • Talent Shortage and Content Scalability Issues.
  • Mass Content Migration from On-Premise SIEM to Cloud.
  • Lots of SOC Team Hours on Content Development to Cover the Latest Threats.
  • Continual Enrichment and Automation

Go in-depth via the case study below and learn how CYDERES and SOC Prime are overcoming these hurdles and providing continuous security intelligence for our customers.


This partnership enables CYDERES CNAP to provide advanced detection content without increasing our human capital, helping us deliver on the vision of “legendary service at a fair price” that’s been so instrumental in helping us disrupt the legacy MSSP industry. More importantly, with this incredible baseline of rules, we can repurpose our detection engineering team on creating highly customized content to optimize security protection for each of our clients. – Eric Foster, President, CYDERES

Virtually Tour our NWA Cyber Defense Center

When we first started planning our second Cyber Defense Center, our goal was to create another world class space to house world class talent in the vein of our original Cyber Defense Center in Kansas City. We’re right about a year out from the opening of CDC 2 in Northwest Arkansas, and we’re so pleased with what our team has been able to accomplish in such short time. We opened up Cyber Defense Center 2 in Rogers, Arkansas last summer to meet the growing needs and demands of our customers, and the place has been bustling ever since. To celebrate a year in our new space, here’s a virtual tour of the building where the magic happens. We hope to see you there in-person soon.

CYDERES VP Will Aune on Security Operations that Win

Escalating risk + legacy programs – security talent = the nightmare many organizations are currently experiencing.

There is a path forward. As organizations continue to move towards automating and operationalizing their security programs, managed security outcomes are enabling businesses to return focus to growth and customer satisfaction. Traditional hindrances of MSSP’s are in the past when you can leverage the speed to value, cost-efficiency, and full visibility that comes with CYDERES 24/7 security-as-a-service.

With our strategic partner Google Cloud’s recent announcements around Autonomic Security, the path to modernizing your security programs is clearer than ever. On their recent earnings call, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently highlighted GC’s security offerings (incl. Chronicle) as their “strongest product portfolio” empowering their incredible growth.

CYDERES is proud to be one of Google Cloud Chronicle’s founding partners and preferred MSSP partners to deliver this solution.

How exactly is CYDERES and our proprietary Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP) able to build on Google Chronicle’s success to accelerate SOC and SIEM transformation?

Learn more from CYDERES VP Will Aune as he unpacks key features and use-cases that are winning for our clients.

What is CNAP?

The CYDERES Cloud Native Analytics Platform, or CNAP, is the perfect compliment to security teams that are prepared to monitor and respond to their own alerts. Will gives a quick into CNAP and highlights what CNAP can bring to the table.


What are the Benefits of CNAP?

People, process, and technology. Get a quick look at how each of these play into how we deliver value to your organization through our Cloud Native Analytics Platform.


What’s the Difference Between CNAP, GSOC, and EMDR?

CNAP, GSOC, and EMDR are three different tiers of our broader detection and response offerings. Each offering corresponds with differing levels of how involved our team is in the response to detected threats. Listen in as Will breaks each one down.


The Challenges of Traditional SIEM

Traditional SIEM offerings come with a lot of baggage, and there are many challenges associated with these legacy solutions. Will talks about a few of the challenges of traditional SIEM, and how our solutions help address these obstacles.


Our Advantages Over Traditional SIEM

Will dives deeper into a few of our advantages over traditional SIEM offerings, and how our partnership with Google Cloud Chronicle enables our customers to easily overcome past struggles to adequately protect their business in the cloud era.


What is CSOC?

One of our fast-growing add-on services is our Cloud Security offering, or our Cloud SOC. Will gets into this offering and how it can bolster your overall security by supplementing your program with a dedicated team focusing on the cloud.


Benefits of a SIRT Retainer

Our Security Incident Response Team is not only world class in their professional capabilities, but also provides additional value with our Use It Don’t Lose It policy. If our SIRT services are not utilized during the term of the retainer, we will reach out to see how the funds could best be utilized with our other service offerings across the Fishtech Group organization.



If you are ready to discuss CNAP, Cloud Security, SIRT, or any of our other offerings, fill out the form below to be connected with one of our experts.

Modern Threats Require Modern Security Operations (Video)

Last week Google Cloud held their first-ever Security Summit featuring fresh insights from industry leaders and interactive sessions with an aim of helping you solve your most critical security challenges.

As a signature sponsor, we were asked to put together a presentation on combating modern security threats with modern security operations. We brought in two of our CYDERES experts, CYDERES Chief Technology Officer Tim MalcomVetter and CYDERES Chief Operating Mike Wyatt, to talk about how CYDERES is helping organizations better prepare for the cyber challenges of the modern era through our talented people, robust and detailed processes, and advanced technologies.

Learn more in our deep dive on how “Modern Threats Require Modern Security Operations“.



If you are interested in learning more about CYDERES check out some of the following:

Introducing: A Managed Service for Proactive Insider Threat Detection & Response

Relentless cyber-attacks and an expanding digital threat landscape caused by a surge in at-home workers during the coronavirus pandemic have left corporate cybersecurity teams overwhelmed and exhausted.

Making matters worse, a parallel increase in insider threat incidents has forced these teams to reckon not just with external risks but also with the growing possibility that trusted individuals from within the organization will cause financial, operational and reputational harm.

CYDERES, the pioneering security-as-a-service division of Fishtech Group, has developed a new service to address these complex and hard-to-detect threats, even while continuing to detect and respond to advanced external cyber threats.

Developed in partnership with Haystax, also a Fishtech business unit, this new Insider Threat Detection & Response (ITDR) managed service analyzes a customer’s existing user and network telemetry to pinpoint and prioritize its riskiest insiders.

An IBM study released in May notes that 40% of the insider attacks it studied between 2018 and 2020 “were detected through alerts generated via an internal monitoring tool.” In almost 10% of cases an outage was the first sign of an insider event, while human reporting was instrumental in 20% of cases. (The remaining 30% were not reported to the study’s researchers.) The study also noted that 40% of incidents involved an employee with privileged access to company assets. In all cases where the insider had administrative access, this elevated access “played a role in the incident itself.”

But what if those different sources could be stitched together and analyzed collectively? The power of ITDR is that it casts a wider net than conventional managed services for data that indicates insider risk. It augments network and device telemetry with a variety of other sources that reveal behavioral anomalies. And ITDR is optimized to focus on the most prevalent insider threat cases, such as data exfiltration, account compromise and risk from individuals who plan to depart the organization or learn they are to be involuntarily terminated (image below).

The analytic result is a composite picture of insider risk, regardless of whether the intent is malicious or the result of unwitting behavior or negligence. This is a crucial analytical capability since accidental breaches and negligence are growing elements in the insider threat landscape – due perhaps to increased stress or carelessness brought on by the pandemic and its consequences.

A recent Harvard Business Review piece noted, for example, that “employees are now 85% more likely to leak or lose files with intellectual property (IP) and other valuable data than they were before the pandemic began.” In a separate survey, 20% of respondents reported security breaches caused by remote workers – a large increase from pre-pandemic levels.

CYDERES is widely known for its human-led and machine-driven security-as-a-service operation, which supplies the people, processes and technology companies need to manage cybersecurity risks, detect threats and respond to incidents in real-time. These 24/7 services act as a ‘force multiplier’ to augment corporate cybersecurity ops teams, helping them shift from reactive monitoring to proactive threat hunting.

Haystax is an award-winning innovator in the application of AI-based risk management analytics to support any type of security mission – from critical infrastructure protection to natural disaster preparedness to insider threat mitigation. Haystax has even provided security alerting and real-time threat analysis to nine of the last 13 Super Bowls, as well as many other major national-security events.

By applying machine learning, probabilistic modeling and other AI techniques to IT telemetry and other data sources, the ITDR service developed by the CYDERES-Haystax team is able to filter out noise and false positives and deliver actionable intelligence to our clients in the form of prioritized and triaged alerts – plus response recommendations and even enhanced training and awareness services.

This seamless blend of cybersecurity firepower and AI-driven behavioral analytics within a single platform, delivered as a managed service, is the best way for organizations to proactively mitigate their riskiest insiders.

Simply put, ITDR focuses on the threats so the corporate team can focus on doing what it does best.

#   #   #

Note: The CYDERES Insider Threat Detection & Response managed service, powered by Haystax, will be launched on July 1. Join us on July 8 for a live interactive webinar that will include an in-depth ITDR briefing and live demonstration of its capabilities. Register here.

Talking Zero Trust, AI/ML, and more with IAM Director Chris Vermilya

Identity and Access Management, or IAM, is the foundation of modern security and is an important part of a mature cybersecurity program. Many important conversations surrounding IAM started last year with the onset of the pandemic, and many foundational pieces of IAM have been put into place for organizations that may have never given cybersecurity a second thought.

We again sat down with Chris Vermilya following our previous interview that covered topics illuminating the basic principles of Identity and Access Management, like the Four Pillars of IAM. This time around, we dove into other areas, like how IAM plays into a Zero Trust Framework, re-thinking how IAM services are managed, the impact of artificial intelligence/machine learning, and more. Check out all of the clips from our interview below.

What is IAM?

At its core, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the governance of identities and what access they have. Let’s start by reviewing Fishtech’s unique approach to IAM and the four pillars that make up a solid IAM program.


Is IAM the Foundation of Modern Security?

Traditional perimeters are obsolete, but how should organizations view their overall IAM security model? Hear Chris Vermilya explain why the “castle and moat” model is dead and exactly how and why a zero-trust approach shows us the way.


Getting Started with IAM

Organizations often feel overwhelmed knowing exactly how to start their program or next steps to maturity, but our trusted advisors will help you understand what approach you should take based on your business objectives and risk landscape. Chris describes many common approaches below.


How Does IAM Play Into a Zero Trust Framework

Let’s dive deeper into what Zero Trust really means, and more importantly how it works inside an organization’s environment – both from an internal as well as an external identity perspective.


Should IAM Be Managed as a Service?

The hypergrowth of the security product landscape has pushed the necessity of as-a-service models which enable organizations to implement, validate, and even automate their tech stack while making the absolute most of every dollar spent. What are best practices around identity solutions from a security-as-a-service perspective?


How Does Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Impact IAM?

By now most people have realized that AI and Machine Learning are often buzzwords used to hype a product or solution. At the end of the day, what practical value do these solutions drive to an organization? Often only as much as the data that’s available and the processes around how that data informs critical decision-making. Learn more from Chris on how future-focused organizations are actually leveraging AI and Machine Learning in very practical ways.


Cross-Functional Cybersecurity Solutions

IAM doesn’t exist in a vacuum but impacts so many different areas of the modern business and is a critical foundation for so many other areas of a mature cybersecurity program. Whether dealing with cloud security, governance and compliance, detection and response, or even the basics of log management, you’ll find identity as a core component and data stream. Chris explains some of the exciting ways these joint solutions are impacting our clients to streamline and automate their programs.


Join the IAM Team

We are passionate about leading organizations to a more secure future, realizing that we are aiding organizations by protecting far more than just data alone, but the systems behind that data and most of all, the people those systems impact. Whether it’s in healthcare, finance, energy, retail, or any other sector, robust cybersecurity programs matter to protect real people’s lives and livelihoods. If you share our passion, check out our careers page for our latest open positions and apply today!


Better "Insurance" Against Cyberattacks

“In early May, global insurer AXA made a landmark policy decision: The company would stop reimbursing French companies for ransomware payments to cybercriminals.”

Wow. Quite the declaration. This was pulled from a recent article on Dark Reading. Cyber insurance stories like this have been continuing to pop up over the last couple of months highlighting an increasing trend.


Huge cybercrime stories have been hitting the mainstream every few days. Companies in wide-ranging industries have been hit with progressively more severe cyberattacks, and it’s shaking up the public and corporate landscape in a big way.

It’s hard to definitively say that this is all “unprecedented”. Most anything cyber-related is unprecedented. Though internet-connected devices have integrated themselves into our daily lives at an ever-increasing scale, we have to remember the cyber space is still in its infancy.

Industries that have been slow to work through digital transformation regarding cloud adoption, identity and access management, and mapping to compliance frameworks, for example, are easy targets for increasingly sophisticated attackers.

As insurance companies navigate this whole new digital world, they are beginning to see the severity and maturation of cybercrime, and the severity of cost impact on their own bottom lines. With ransomware payouts continuing to rise, it’s easy to see why re-evaluations on cybercrime coverage are taking place.

The looming potential of a lack of coverage for cybercrime carries a lot of implications for businesses trying to plan for the long term. A lack of stability and a potential for the rug to be pulled on your current plan to help combat the effects of cybercrime can be huge hindrances for growth.

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your “insurance” against cybercrime. Let’s dive deeper.

Why Cybersecurity is Better “Insurance” for Your Business

Insurance itself is very reactionary. An event occurs, you file a claim, you are covered. Everything takes place after the inciting incident. This increases the total costs of time and money to an indefinite degree as you look to remediate a cyberattack.

At Fishtech Group, we take a proactive approach cybersecurity to ensure our customers are equipped to detect and respond to cyberattacks with our tailor-made solutions for organizations of all sizes.

With the offerings from our Security-as-a-Service division CYDERES, you can find solutions that are right for your organization, no matter how mature your security posture. Whether you’re looking to find vulnerabilities in your organization to patch up, or if you are looking for a full 24/7 managed security team to seamlessly work with your internal teams, CYDERES can help you adopt a proactive approach to better insure your business against severe costs from cyberattacks.

Our CYDERES solutions include:

These solutions seamlessly work together to protect your organization from the costs associated with significant breaches. What headlines often miss when they report on the ramifications of an attack are the intangible costs associated with recovering from the disruption. We’re looking at costs to time, costs to reputation, costs to morale. These are things traditional insurance can’t protect you from.

When you work with the solutions found at Fishtech Group and CYDERES to equip your organizations to combat cybercrime, you are helping give your business stability in the long-term to continue to grow and avoid the intangible costs of relying on traditional insurance.

Check out the rest of our site to learn more about our wide variety of cybersecurity solutions ready-made to help lead your organization to a more secure future.

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CYDERES Cloud Security Interview with Jason Sloderbeck, CYDERES VP of Business Development

Hi, Jason. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Tell us about what you do at Fishtech Group.
Hi, I’m Jason Sloderbeck, Vice President of Business Development for CYDERES.

We’re continuing our highlight of our various CYDERES offerings, and today we wanted to give a spotlight on our CYDERES Cloud Security service offering. Could you give us a brief overview of CYDERES Cloud Security?
CYDERES Cloud Security provides complete protection for an organization’s infrastructure, applications, and data running in the cloud. Whether an organization uses AWS, GCP, or Azure – or a combination of those – CYDERES Cloud Security provides provide end-to-end security for cloud applications and servers in those environments. That includes everything from 24×7 monitoring and Incident Response, to visibility and compliance reporting. The outcome is that you’ve got a partner to detect and respond to any threat in your cloud environment.

Why would an organization be interested in CYDERES Cloud Security?

The big driver for interest in CYDERES Cloud Security is that securing the Cloud is fundamentally different than the traditional security model. The concept that network configurations and security controls are now Code maintained by a DevOps team – instead of firewalls that are owned by InfoSec is a shift in thinking and it’s challenging for many organizations to get their arms around this. Security professionals are struggling to keep up with the rapidly-changing landscape of Cloud. New services are launched every week by Cloud providers. We’ve found that you really have to be a Developer to make heads or tails out of most the security alerts that come out of your Cloud environment, let alone knowing what to do with those alerts.

How does CYDERES Cloud Security complement the flagship Enterprise Managed Detection and Response offering from CYDERES?

CYDERES Cloud Security is the perfect complement to our Enterprise Managed Detection and Response offering. While EMDR protects data centers and offices and remote employees, Cloud Security extends that to include their cloud infrastructure and applications. So now an organization has a single SOC for everything, all in one place. Our Cloud Security Engineers who work hand in hand with our SOC and we function as an extension of your team, interfacing with DevOps and Security teams to provide comprehensive security for the entire environment.

What are the various capabilities a customer can expect with CYDERES Cloud Security?

There are three key capabilities a customer can expect with CYDERES Cloud Security. First, we’re going to implement and manage a Cloud Management Platform, which provides cloud governance, container security tooling, as well as integration with CI/CD pipelines. Second, we’re going to provide Q&A support for your Security and DevOps teams about best practices, cloud security methodologies, and anything other issues that come up related to cloud security, to help upskill everyone on an ongoing basis. And finally, we provide 24×7 SOC that performs triage, investigation, and response for all of the cloud alerts. So, if a DevOps team pushes out a change that accidentally exposes data to the public during a maintenance window at 3am on a Sunday morning, we’re going to prevent that from happening by automatically rolling it back but also engage live with your teams to work through the issue. And we back that with unlimited Incident Response for our clients’ cloud environments.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today.

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Security Operations Interview with Josh Culotta, CYDERES Director of Security Operations, at CDC 2

When we first started planning our second Cyber Defense Center, our goal was to create another world class space to house world class talent in the vein of our original Cyber Defense Center in Kansas City. We're a few months a way from the anniversary of the opening of CDC 2 in Northwest Arkansas, and we're so pleased with what our team has been able to accomplish in such short time. We visited CDC 2 earlier this year and sat down to talk with CYDERES Director of Security Operations Josh Culotta to talk all about our space in Northwest Arkansas, today's biggest threat vectors, what makes CYDERES different, the common challenges CISOs are seeing, and more. Check out a few clips from our interview below.

Our Proactive Approach to Today's Biggest Threat Vectors

At CYDERES, we are constantly staying on top of today's biggest threat vectors to ensure our customers are protected. Josh explains how we take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach the challenges of today.

What Sets CYDERES Apart?

Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP, have become a four letter word with negative connotations. Our aim at CYDERES is to reclaim the name and make MSSPs elite and ready for the rigors of modern cybersecurity. Josh talks more about what CYDERES is doing to make that happen.

Can CYDERES Augment My Existing SOC

What about customers that already have a SOC? Can CYDERES still provide value and work alongside already established infrastructure? Absolutely. CYDERES was tailor-made to be a seamless addition to any organization's security team. We take a technology agnostic approach to better align ourselves with any team, from early upstarts to well-established veterans.

Biggest Challenge Facing CISOs Today

With the onset of the pandemic, remote work took on a prominent role in the daily operations of organizations across the globe. With the size and scope of remote operations, and the rapid speed in which the operations were stood up, many organizations were scrambling to make sure their employees and their devices were secure. Josh highlights this challenge as one of the biggest still facing CISOs today, even as many start to transition back to in-person work.

Why Long-Term Telemetry Storage is a Must

Many cybersecurity professionals have been conditioned against significant telemetry storage due to cost. With the Chronicle platform, pricing is based off of headcount, not data, which allows organizations to store and analyze exponentially more telemetry. Josh talks about the practicality of long-term telemetry storage, and the use cases for this approach.

Overlooked Costs When Building Your Own SOC

The costs of building your own SOC can be significant, and these costs go well beyond headcount. Josh dives into many of the overlooked costs when building your own SOC.

Recommendations for Small Businesses

When small businesses are looking to ramp up their security capabilities, it can be quite daunting due to cost and personnel requirements. Josh talks about how CYDERES can help get you up to speed faster, while allowing you to continue to focus on your business.

What is GSOC?

One of our core CYDERES offerings is our Global Security Operations Center, or GSOC. Learn more about what GSOC can bring to the table for your organization.

The Benefits of SOC Prime

We recently announced a deeper partnership with SOC Prime to further bolster the capabilities of our Managed Detection and Response offerings. Josh gets into specifics about the benefits of SOC Prime.

Bridging the Gap Between Security and Operations

Security and Operations have traditionally been significantly siloed. How do we increase efficiencies across the board with the unification of these important pillars? Josh talks about bridging this gap.

Tips for Working with a CISO

Whether you have a direct or indirect line to a CISO, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep communication on operations flowing smoothly. Josh shares his tips on working with a CISO.

What Does Normal Look Like for Your Business Going Forward?

As we all continue to navigate the business landscape after a tumultuous year, the question starts to become "what does normal look like?" Josh addresses these questions from a security perspective.

Join the Fishtech Team!

Our second Cyber Defense Center is just getting started, and we're looking to grow. If you're interested in joining our team, in Arkansas, or anywhere across the country, don't hesitate to reach out, or head on over to our Careers page to see all of our current openings.[/vc_column_text]

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